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2016Biomarkers of inflammation and risk of cardiovascular events in anticoagulated patients with atrial fibrillationHijazi, Z.; Aulin, J.; Andersson, U.; Alexander, J.; Gersh, B.; Granger, C.; Hanna, M.; Horowitz, J.; Hylek, E.; Lopes, R.; Siegbahn, A.; Wallentin, L.
2014D-dimer and risk of thromboembolic and bleeding events in patients with atrial fibrillation - observations from the ARISTOTLE trialChristersson, C.; Wallentin, L.; Andersson, U.; Alexander, J.; Ansell, J.; De Caterina, R.; Gersh, B.; Granger, C.; Hanna, M.; Horowitz, J.; Huber, K.; Husted, S.; Hylek, E.; Lopes, R.; Siegbahn, A.
2016Interplay between oxidative stress and inflammation in cardiometabolic syndromeSverdlov, A.; Figtree, G.; Horowitz, J.; Ngo, D.
1999Prolonged beneficial effects of a home-based intervention on unplanned readmissions and mortality among patients with congestive heart failureStewart, S.; Vandenbroek, A.; Pearson, S.; Horowitz, J.
2015Post-discharge electrocardiogram Holter monitoring in recently hospitalised individuals with chronic atrial fibrillation to enhance therapeutic monitoring and identify potentially predictive phenotypesBall, J.; Carrington, M.; Thompson, D.; Horowitz, J.; Stewart, S.
2015Composite outcome measures in a pragmatic clinical trial of chronic heart failure management: a comparative assessmentChang, S.; Davidson, P.; Newton, P.; Macdonald, P.; Carrington, M.; Marwick, T.; Horowitz, J.; Krum, H.; Reid, C.; Chan, Y.; Scuffham, P.; Sibbritt, D.; Stewart, S.; On behalf of the WHICH Investigators
2013Navigating the fine line between benefit and risk in chronic atrial fibrillation: rationale and design of the Standard versus Atrial Fibrillation spEcific managemenT studY (SAFETY)Carrington, M.; Ball, J.; Horowitz, J.; Marwick, T.; Mahadevan, G.; Wong, C.; Abhayaratna, W.; Haluska, B.; Thompson, D.; Scuffham, P.; Stewart, S.
2012Clinical Trials Update Esc Congress 2011Rosenson, R.; Horowitz, J.; Kaski, J.; Krum, H.; Remme, W.
2015Comparison of cardiac troponins I and T measured with high-sensitivity methods for evaluation of prognosis in atrial fibrillation: an ARISTOTLE substudyHijazi, Z.; Siegbahn, A.; Andersson, U.; Lindahl, B.; Granger, C.; Alexander, J.; Atar, D.; Gersh, B.; Hanna, M.; Harjola, V.; Horowitz, J.; Husted, S.; Hylek, E.; Lopes, R.; McMurray, J.; Wallentin, L.
2016New-onset atrial fibrillation and thromboembolic risk: Cardiovascular syzygy?Procter, N.; Stewart, S.; Horowitz, J.