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2015Relationships between components of metabolic syndrome and coronary intravascular ultrasound atherosclerosis measures in women without obstructive coronary artery disease: the NHLBI-sponsored Women's Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation StudyKhaliq, A.; Johnson, B.; Anderson, R.; Bavry, A.; Cooper-DeHoff, R.; Handberg, E.; Bairey Merz, C.; Nicholls, S.; Nissen, S.; Pepine, C.
2014Achievement of combined goals of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol with three different statins: results from VOYAGERKarlson, B.; Toth, P.; Palmer, M.; Barter, P.; Nicholls, S.
2015Lowering triglycerides to modify cardiovascular risk: will icosapent deliver?Scherer, D.; Nicholls, S.
2014Imaging of atherosclerotic plaques in obesity: Excessive fat accumulation, plaque progression and vulnerabilityKataoka, Y.; Nicholls, S.
2013Variable effects on lipid transporting and non-lipid transporting functions of HDL in young patients with chronic inflammatory arthritisMani, P.; Uno, K.; Duong, M.; Wolski, K.; Spalding, S.; Husni, E.; Nicholls, S.; American Heart Association 2013 Scientific Sessions and Resuscitation Science Symposium (16 Nov 2013 - 17 Nov 2013 : Dallas, TX)
2013Secretory phospholipase: a potential target for cardiovascular therapiesNicholls, S.; Duong, M.N.
2013Imaging coronary atherosclerosis: is there space for magnetic resonance imaging?Andrews, J.; Nicholls, S.
2018Rationale and design of a trial to personalize risk assessment in familial coronary artery diseaseMarwick, T.; Whitmore, K.; Nicholls, S.; Stanton, T.; Mitchell, G.; Tonkin, A.; Blizzard, C.; Neil, A.; Jones, C.; Watts, G.
2016Effect of evolocumab on progression of coronary disease in statin-treated patients: the GLAGOV randomized clinical trialNicholls, S.; Puri, R.; Anderson, T.; Ballantyne, C.; Cho, L.; Kastelein, J.; Koenig, W.; Somaratne, R.; Kassahun, H.; Yang, J.; Wasserman, S.; Scott, R.; Ungi, I.; Podolec, J.; Ophuis, A.; Cornel, J.; Borgman, M.; Brennan, D.; Nissen, S.
2006Consumption of saturated fat impairs the anti-inflammatory properties of high-density lipoproteins and endothelial functionNicholls, S.; Lundman, P.; Harmer, J.; Cutri, B.; Griffiths, K.; Rye, K.; Barter, P.; Celermajer, D.