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2004Azathioprine dose escalation in inflammatory bowel diseaseRayner, C.; Hart, A.; Hayward, C.; Emmanuel, A.; Kamm, M.
1998Effects of diabetes mellitus on gastrointenstinal motilityRayner, C.; Horowitz, M.
2003Idiopathic slow-transit constipation: an almost exclusively female disorder.Knowles, C.; Scott, S.; Rayner, C.; Glia, A.; Lindberg, G.; Kamm, M.; Lunniss, P.
2002Osseous sarcoidosis: a magnetic resonance imaging diagnosisRayner, C.; Burnet, S.; McNeil, J.
1999Validation of a novel luminal flow velocimeter with video fluoroscopy and manometry in the human esophagusAndrews, J.; Nathan, H.; Malbert, C.; Verhagen, M.; Gabb, M.; Hebbard, G.; Kilpatrick, S.; MacDonald, S.; Rayner, C.; Doran, S.; Omari, T.; O'Young, E.; Frisby, C.; Fraser, R.; Schoeman, M.; Horowitz, M.; Dent, J.
2011Effect of ginger on gastric motility and symptoms of functional dyspepsiaHu, M.; Rayner, C.; Wu, K.; Chuah, S.; Tai, W.; Chou, Y.; Chiu, Y.; Chiu, K.; Hu, T.
2017Mechanisms controlling glucose-induced GLP-1 secretion in human small intestineSun, E.; De Fontgalland, D.; Rabbitt, P.; Hollington, P.; Sposato, L.; Due, S.; Wattchow, D.; Rayner, C.; Deane, A.; Young, R.; Keating, D.
2014Effect of liquid meals with different volumes on gastroesophageal reflux diseaseWu, K.; Rayner, C.; Chuah, S.; Chiu, Y.; Chiu, K.; Hu, T.; Chiu, C.
2003Long-term results of low-dose intravenous ciclosporin for acute severe ulcerative colitisRayner, C.; McCormack, G.; Emmanuel, A.; Kamm, M.
2005Dealing with reflux in pregnancyRayner, C.