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2011Diet, nutritional status and school performance among adolescents in Gaza StripAbudayya, A.; Shi, Z.; Abed, Y.; Holmboe-Ottesen, G.
2010Association between food patterns and metabolic syndrome in ChinaShi, Z.; Hu, X.; Yuan, B.; Hu, G.; Pan, X.; Dai, Y.; Holmboe-Ottesen, G.; Byles, J.
2005Breakfast eating habits among junior school students in Jiangsu ProvincePan, X.; Shi, Z.; Yuan, B.; Dai, Y.
2010江苏省18岁及以上成人糖尿病状况调查Dai, Y.; Yuan, B.; Shi, Z.
2015Nutritional determinants of anemia among adults in Eastern ChinaShi, Z.; Taylor, A.W.
2018Association between body mass index and all-cause mortality among oldest old ChineseWang, J.; Taylor, A.; Zhang, T.; Appleton, S.; Shi, Z.
2013Longitudinal changes in testosterone over five years in community-dwelling menShi, Z.; Araujo, A.; Martin, S.; O'Loughlin, P.; Wittert, G.
2008Body iron stores and dietary iron intake in relation to diabetes in adults in North China: response to Luan et al.Shi, Z.; Pan, X.
2013Weighting of the data and analytical approaches may account for differences in overcoming the inadequate representativeness of the respondents to the third wave of a cohort studyTaylor, A.; DalGrande, E.; Grant, J.; Appleton, S.; Gill, T.; Shi, Z.; Adams, R.
2011Evidence that the prevalence of childhood overweight is plateauing: data from nine countriesOlds, T.; Maher, C.; Shi, Z.; Peneau, S.; Lioret, S.; Castetbon, K.; Bellisle; De Wilde, J.; Hohepa, M.; Maddison, R.; Lissner, L.; Sjoberg, A.; Zimmermann, M.; Aeberli, I.; Ogden, C.; Flegal, K.; Summerbell, C.