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2016High-fat diet-induced obesity ablates gastric vagal afferent circadian rhythmsKentish, S.; Vincent, A.; Kennaway, D.; Wittert, G.; Page, A.
2015Long-term effects of a very low carbohydrate compared with a high carbohydrate diet on renal function in individuals with type 2 diabetes: a randomized trialTay, J.; Thompson, C.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.; Noakes, M.; Buckley, J.; Wittert, G.; Brinkworth, G.
1997Feeding patterns of S. crassicaudata (Marsupialia:Dasyuridae): role of gender, photoperiod, and fat storesHope, P.; Wittert, G.; Morley, J.; Horowitz, M.
1999Effect of diet on the response to leptin in the marsupial Sminthopsis crassicaudataHope, P.; Chapman, I.; Morley, J.; Horowitz, M.; Wittert, G.
1996Appetite regulation by carbohydrate: role of blood glucose and gastrointestinal hormones.Lavin, J.; Wittert, G.; Sun, W.; Horowitz, M.; Morley, J.; Read, N.
2016Obstructive sleep apnea and schizophrenia: a systematic review to inform clinical practiceMyles, H.; Myles, N.; Antic, N.; Adams, R.; Chandratilleke, M.; Liu, D.; Mercer, J.; Vakulin, A.; Vincent, A.; Wittert, G.; Galletly, C.
2017Men's help-seeking in the first year after diagnosis of localised prostate cancerHyde, M.; Newton, R.; Galvão, D.; Gardiner, R.; Occhipinti, S.; Lowe, A.; Wittert, G.; Chambers, S.
2010Problem-based learning: is a cost-effective approach possible?Wittert, G.; Nelson, A.
2016Nocturia, other lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), and sleep dysfunction in a community-dwelling cohort of middle-aged to elderly menMartin, S.; Appleton, S.; Adams, R.; Taylor, A.; Catcheside, P.; Vakulin, A.; Mcevoy, D.; Antic, N.; Wittert, G.; 69th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Urological-Society-of-Australia-and-New Zealand (16 Apr 2016 - 19 Apr 2016 : Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA)
2017The inverse relationship between prostate specific antigen (PSA) and obesity in healthy men; support for a hormonal, rather than haemodilution mechanismAref, A.; Vincent, A.; O'Callaghan, M.; Hoy, A.; Butler, L.; Wittert, G.; 2017 ANZUP Annual Scientific Meeting (16 Jul 2017 - 18 Jul 2017 : Melbourne, VIC)