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2017Foot pain severity is associated with the ratio of visceral to subcutaneous fat mass, fat-mass index and depression in womenWalsh, T.; Arnold, J.; Gill, T.; Evans, A.; Yaxley, A.; Hill, C.; Shanahan, E.
2017Identification of clusters of foot pain location in a community sampleGill, T.; Menz, H.; Landorf, K.; Arnold, J.; Taylor, A.; Hill, C.
2016Predictors of foot pain in the community: the North West Adelaide health studyGill, T.; Menz, H.; Landorf, K.; Arnold, J.; Taylor, A.; Hill, C.
2015Role of health literacy in self-reported musculoskeletal disordersHill, C.; Appleton, S.; Black, J.; Hoon, E.; Rudd, R.; Adams, R.; Gill, T.
2019The OMERACT core domain set for clinical trials of shoulder disordersRamiro, S.; Page, M.J.; Whittle, S.L.; Huang, H.; Verhagen, A.P.; Beaton, D.E.; Richards, P.; Voshaar, M.; Shea, B.; van der Windt, D.; Kopkow, C.; Lenza, M.; Jain, N.B.; Richards, B.; Hill, C.; Gill, T.K.; Koes, B.; Foster, N.E.; Conaghan, P.G.; Smith, T.; et al.
2016Muscle grip strength predicts incident type 2 diabetes: population-based cohort studyLi, J.; Wittert, G.; Vincent, A.; Atlantis, E.; Shi, Z.; Appleton, S.; Hill, C.; Jenkins, A.; Januszewski, A.; Adams, R.
2016PTPN22 R620W minor allele is a genetic risk factor for giant cell arteritisLester, S.; Hewitt, A.; Ruediger, C.; Bradbury, L.; De Smit, E.; Wiese, M.; Black, R.; Harrison, A.; Jones, G.; Littlejohn, G.; Merriman, T.; Shenstone, B.; Smith, M.; Rischmueller, M.; Brown, M.; Hill, C.
2014Utility of temporal artery biopsy samples for genome-wide analysis of giant cell arteritisCremin, K.; Leo, P.; Harris, J.; De Smit, E.; Bradbury, L.; McKelvie, P.; Hill, C.; Brown, M.; Hewitt, A.
2012Role of health literacy in population estimates of musculoskeletal disordersHill, C.; Appleton, S.; Gill, T.; Black, J.; Rudd, R.; Adams, R.; Annual Scientific Meeting of the American-College-of-Rheumatology (ACR) and Association-of-Rheumatology-Health-Professionals (ARHP) (09 Nov 2012 - 14 Nov 2012 : Washington, DC)
2010Prolonged remission of chronic reactive arthritis treated with three infusions of infliximabWechalekar, M.; Rischmueller, M.; Whittle, S.; Burnet, S.; Hill, C.