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2010Pro-inflammatory cytokines play a key role in the development of radiotherapy-induced gastrointestinal mucositisOng, Z.; Gibson, R.; Bowen, J.; Stringer, A.; Darby, J.; Logan, R.; Yeoh, A.; Keefe, D.
2009Chemotherapy-induced modifications to gastrointestinal microflora: Evidence and implications of changeStringer, A.; Gibson, R.; Bowen, J.; Keefe, D.
2007VSL#3 probiotic treatment reduces chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea and weight lossBowen, J.; Stringer, A.; Gibson, R.; Yeoh, A.; Hannam, S.; Keefe, D.
2013Biomarkers of chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea: a clinical study of intestinal microbiome alterations, inflammation and circulating matrix metalloproteinasesStringer, A.; Al-Dasooqi, N.; Bowen, J.; Tan, T.; Radzuan, M.; Logan, R.; Mayo, B.; Keefe, D.; Gibson, R.
2017Irinotecan-induced toxicity pharmacogenetics: an umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analysesCampbell, J.; Stephenson, M.; Bateman, E.; Peters, M.; Keefe, D.; Bowen, J.
2007Role of p53 in irinotecan-induced intestinal cell death and mucosal damageBowen, J.; Gibson, R.; Stringer, A.; Chan, T.; Prabowo, A.; Cummins, A.; Keefe, D.
2007A novel animal model to investigate fractionated radiotherapy-induced alimentary mucositis: the role of apoptosis p53 nuclear factor-kappa B COX-1 and COX-2Yeoh, A.; Gibson, R.; Yeoh, E.; Bowen, J.; Stringer, A.; Giam, K.; Keefe, D.
2007Chemotherapy-induced diarrhea is associated with changes in the luminal environment in the DA ratStringer, A.; Gibson, R.; Logan, R.; Bowen, J.; Yeoh, A.; Burns, J.; Keefe, D.
2010Irinotecan-induced mucositis encompasses changes in intestinal and colonic cell kinetics and this is associated with altered extracellular matrix component expressionAl-Dasooqi, N.; Bowen, J.; Gibson, R.; Logan, R.; Stringer, A.; Keefe, D.; International MASCC/ISOO Symposium (2010 : Vancouver, Canada)
2011Selection of housekeeping genes for gene expression studies in a rat model of irinotecan-induced mucositisAl-Dasooqi, N.; Bowen, J.; Gibson, R.; Logan, R.; Stringer, A.; Keefe, D.