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2014Ropivacaine (total and unbound) and AGP concentrations after transversus abdominis plane block for analgesia after abdominal surgeryKumar, S.; Rao, V.; Morris, R.; Watts, R.; Westley, I.
2012Molecular definitions of cell death subroutines: recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee on Cell Death 2012Galluzzi, L.; Vitale, I.; Abrams, J.; Alnemri, E.; Baehrecke, E.; Blagosklonny, M.; Dawson, T.; Dawson, V.; El-Deiry, W.; Fulda, S.; Gottlieb, E.; Green, D.; Hengartner, M.; Kepp, O.; Knight, R.; Kumar, S.; Lipton, S.; Lu, X.; Madeo, F.; Malorni, W.; et al.
2004N4WBP5A (Ndfip2), a Nedd4-interacting protein, localizes to multivesicular bodies and the Golgi, and has a potential role in protein traffickingShearwin-Whyatt, L.; Brown, D.; Wylie, F.; Stow, J.; Kumar, S.
2014Caspase-2 protects against oxidative stress in vivoShalini, S.; Puccini, J.; Wilson, C.; Finnie, J.; Dorstyn, L.; Kumar, S.
2009Autophagy, not apoptosis, is essential for midgut cell death in DrosophilaDenton, D.; Shravage, B.; Simin, R.; Mills, K.; Berry, D.; Baehrecke, E.; Kumar, S.
2013Caspase-2 as a tumour suppressorPuccini, J.; Dorstyn, L.; Kumar, S.
2002A novel Apaf-1-independent putative caspase-2 activation complexRead, S.; Baliga, B.; Ekert, P.; Vaux, D.; Kumar, S.
2010A potential role for NEDD1 and the centrosome in senescence of mouse embryonic fibroblastsManning, J.; Kumar, S.
2002Regulation of the epithelial sodium channel by N4WBP5A, a novel Nedd4/Nedd4-2-interacting proteinKonstas, A.; Shearwin-Whyatt, L.; Fotia, A.; Degger, B.; Riccardi, D.; Cook, D.; Korbmacher, C.; Kumar, S.
2008Regulation of the divalent metal ion transporter DMT1 and iron homeostasis by a ubiquitin-dependent mechanism involving Ndfips and WWP2Foot, N.; Dalton, H.; Shearwin-Whyatt, L.; Dorstyn, L.; Tan, S.; Yang, B.; Kumar, S.