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2015Expression of androgen receptor splice variants in clinical breast cancersHickey, T.; Irvine, C.; Dvinge, H.; Tarulli, G.; Hanson, A.; Ryan, N.; Pickering, M.; Birrell, S.; Hu, D.; Mackenzie, P.; Russell, R.; Caldas, C.; Raj, G.; Dehm, S.; Plymate, S.; Bradley, R.; Tilley, W.; Selth, L.
2014Epithelial plasticity in prostate cancer: principles and clinical perspectivesDas, R.; Gregory, P.; Hollier, B.; Tilley, W.; Selth, L.
2014Tailoring peptidomimetics for targeting protein-protein interactionsAkram, O.; DeGraff, D.; Sheehan, J.; Tilley, W.; Matusik, R.; Ahn, J.; Raj, G.
2013Distinct nuclear receptor expression in stroma adjacent to breast tumorsKnower, K.; Chand, A.; Eriksson, N.; Takagi, K.; Miki, Y.; Sasano, H.; Visvader, J.; Lindeman, G.; Funder, J.; Fuller, P.; Simpson, E.; Tilley, W.; Leedman, P.; Graham, D.; Muscat, G.; Clarke, C.; Clyne, C.
2012Dual roles of PARP-1 promote cancer growth and progressionSchiewer, M.; Goodwin, J.; Han, S.; Brenner, J.; Augello, M.; Dean, J.; Liu, F.; Planck, J.; Ravindranathan, P.; Chinnaiyan, A.; McCue, P.; Gomella, L.; Raj, G.; Dicker, A.; Brody, J.; Pascal, J.; Centenera, M.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.; Feng, F.; et al.
2013Circulating microRNAs predict biochemical recurrence in prostate cancer patientsSelth, L.; Townley, S.; Bert, A.; Stricker, P.; Sutherland, P.; Horvath, L.; Goodall, G.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.
2013Ex vivo culture of human prostate tissue and drug developmentCentenera, M.; Raj, G.; Knudsen, K.; Tilley, W.; Butler, L.
2013Ski-interacting protein (SKIP) interacts with androgen receptor in the nucleus and modulates androgen-dependent transcriptionAbankwa, D.; Millard, S.; Martel, N.; Choong, C.; Yang, M.; Butler, L.; Buchanan, G.; Tilley, W.; Ueki, N.; Hayman, M.; Leong, G.
2012Therapeutic response to CDK4/6 inhibition in breast cancer defined by ex vivo analyses of human tumorsDean, J.; McClendon, A.; Hickey, T.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.; Witkiewicz, A.; Knudsen, E.
2012Research resource: interplay between the genomic and transcriptional networks of androgen receptor and estrogen receptor α in luminal breast cancer cellsNeed, E.; Selth, L.; Harris, T.; Birrell, S.; Tilley, W.; Buchanan, G.