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2016Regulators of genetic risk of breast cancer identified by integrative network analysisCastro, M.; De Santiago, I.; Campbell, T.; Vaughn, C.; Hickey, T.; Ross, E.; Tilley, W.; Markowetz, F.; Ponder, B.; Meyer, K.
2009A Novel Androgen Receptor Amino Terminal Region Reveals Two Classes of Amino/Carboxyl Interaction-Deficient Variants with Divergent Capacity to Activate Responsive Sites in ChromatinNeed, E.; Scher, H.; Peters, A.; Moore, N.; Cheong, A.; Ryan, C.; Wittert, G.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.; Buchanan, G.
2012Discovery of circulating microRNAs associated with human prostate cancer using a mouse model of diseaseSelth, L.; Townley, S.; Gillis, J.; Ochnik, A.; Murti, K.; Macfarlane, R.; Chi, K.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.; Butler, L.
2004Targeting the androgen receptor: improving outcomes for castration-resistant prostate cancerScher, H.; Buchanan, G.; Gerald, W.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.
2007Uncoupling of hormone-dependence from chaperone-dependence in the L701H mutation of the androgen receptorRobzyk, K.; Oen, H.; Buchanan, G.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.; Mandal, A.; Rosen, N.; Caplan, A.
2004Androgen receptor signaling: mechanism of interleukin-6 inhibitionJia, L.; Choong, C.; Ricciardelli, C.; Kim, J.; Tilley, W.; Coetzee, G.
2003ELAC2/HPC2 polymorphisms, prostate-specific antigen levels, and prostate cancerSeveri, G.; Giles, G.; Southey, M.; Tesoriero, A.; Tilley, W.; Neufing, P.; Morris, H.; English, D.; McCredie, M.; Boyle, P.; Hopper, J.
2003Dynamic methylation of histone H3 at lysine 4 in transcriptional regulation by the androgen receptorKim, J.; Jia, L.; Tilley, W.; Coetzee, G.
2013Lack of high-dose radiation mediated prostate cancer promotion and low-dose radiation adaptive response in the TRAMP mouse modelLawrence, M.; Ormsby, R.; Blyth, B.; Bezak, E.; England, G.; Newman, M.; Tilley, W.; Sykes, P.
2014PRMT2 and RORγ expression are associated with breast cancer survival outcomesOh, T.; Bailey, P.; Dray, E.; Smith, A.; Goode, J.; Eriksson, N.; Funder, J.; Fuller, P.; Simpson, E.; Tilley, W.; Leedman, P.; Clarke, C.; Grimmond, S.; Dowhan, D.; Muscat, G.