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2015BOB CAT: a large-scale review and delphi consensus for management of Barrett's esophagus with no dysplasia, indefinite for, or low-grade dysplasiaBennett, C.; Moayyedi, P.; Corley, D.; Decaestecker, J.; Falck-Ytter, Y.; Falk, G.; Vakil, N.; Sanders, S.; Vieth, M.; Inadomi, J.; Aldulaimi, D.; Ho, K.; Odze, R.; Meltzer, S.; Quigley, E.; Gittens, S.; Watson, P.; Zaninotto, G.; Iyer, P.; Alexandre, L.; et al.
2016Replication and characterization of association between ABO SNPs and red blood cell traits by meta-analysis in EuropeansMcLachlan, S.; Giambartolomei, C.; White, J.; Charoen, P.; Wong, A.; Finan, C.; Engmann, J.; Shah, T.; Hersch, M.; Podmore, C.; Cavadino, A.; Jefferis, B.; Dale, C.; Hypponen, E.; Morris, R.; Casas, J.; Kumari, M.; Ben-Shlomo, Y.; Gaunt, T.; Drenos, F.; et al.
2017Long-term efficacy and safety of α1 proteinase inhibitor treatment for emphysema caused by severe α1 antitrypsin deficiency: an open-label extension trial (RAPID-OLE)McElvaney, N.; Burdon, J.; Holmes, M.; Glanville, A.; Wark, P.; Thompson, P.; Hernandez, P.; Chlumsky, J.; Teschler, H.; Ficker, J.; Seersholm, N.; Altraja, A.; Mäkitaro, R.; Chorostowska-Wynimko, J.; Sanak, M.; Stoicescu, P.; Piitulainen, E.; Vit, O.; Wencker, M.; Tortorici, M.; et al.
2016Brain metastases in patients with germ cell tumors: prognostic factors and treatment options - an analysis from the Global Germ Cell Cancer GroupFeldman, D.; Lorch, A.; Kramar, A.; Albany, C.; Einhorn, L.; Giannatempo, P.; Necchi, A.; Flechon, A.; Boyle, H.; Chung, P.; Huddart, R.; Bokemeyer, C.; Tryakin, A.; Sava, T.; Winquist, E.; De Giorgi, U.; Aparicio, J.; Sweeney, C.; Cedermark, G.; Beyer, J.; et al.
2018A critical role for donor-derived IL-22 in cutaneous chronic GVHDGartlan, K.; Bommiasamy, H.; Paz, K.; Wilkinson, A.; Owen, M.; Reichenbach, D.; Banovic, T.; Wehner, K.; Buchanan, F.; Varelias, A.; Kuns, R.; Chang, K.; Fedoriw, Y.; Shea, T.; Coghill, J.; Zaiken, M.; Plank, M.; Foster, P.; Clouston, A.; Blazar, B.; et al.
2012Outcome modeling with CRLF2, IKZF1, JAK and minimal residual disease in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a Children's Oncology Group studyChen, I.; Harvey, R.; Mullighan, C.; Gastier-Foster, J.; Wharton, W.; Kang, H.; Borowitz, M.; Camitta, B.; Carroll, A.; Devidas, M.; Pullen, D.; Payne-Turner, D.; Tasian, S.; Reshmi, S.; Cottrell, C.; Reaman, G.; Bowman, W.; Carroll, W.; Loh, M.; Winick, N.; et al.
2014SPINK1 protein expression and prostate cancer progressionFlavin, R.; Pettersson, A.; Hendrickson, W.; Fiorentino, M.; Finn, S.; Kunz, L.; Judson, G.; Lis, R.; Bailey, D.; Fiore, C.; Nuttall, E.; Martin, N.; Stack, E.; Penney, K.; Rider, J.; Sinnott, J.; Sweeney, C.; Sesso, H.; Fall, K.; Giovannucci, E.; et al.
2014Stratification by smoking status reveals an association of CHRNA5-A3-B4 genotype with Body Mass Index in never smokersTaylor, A.; Morris, R.; Fluharty, M.; Bjorngaard, J.; Åsvold, B.; Gabrielsen, M.; Campbell, A.; Marioni, R.; Kumari, M.; Hällfors, J.; Männistö, S.; Marques-Vidal, P.; Kaakinen, M.; Cavadino, A.; Postmus, I.; Husemoen, L.; Skaaby, T.; Ahluwalia, T.; Treur, J.; Willemsen, G.; et al.
2015Tissue invasion and metastasis: molecular, biological and clinical perspectivesJiang, W.; Sanders, A.; Katoh, M.; Ungefroren, H.; Gieseler, F.; Prince, M.; Thompson, S.; Zollo, M.; Spano, D.; Dhawan, P.; Sliva, D.; Subbarayan, P.; Sarkar, M.; Honoki, K.; Fujii, H.; Georgakilas, A.; Amedei, A.; Niccolai, E.; Amin, A.; Ashraf, S.; et al.
2013Rare allelic forms of PRDM9 associated with childhood leukemogenesisHussin, J.; Sinnett, D.; Casals, F.; Idaghdour, Y.; Bruat, V.; Saillour, V.; Healy, J.; Grenier, J.-.C.; de Malliard, T.; Busche, S.; Spinella, J.-.F.; Lariviere, M.; Gibson, G.; Andersson, A.; Holmfeldt, L.; Ma, J.; Wei, L.; Zhang, J.; Andelfinger, G.; Downing, J.; et al.