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1995A phase II trial of zeniplatin in metastatic melanomaOlver, Ian N.; Green, Michael; Peters, Wayne; Zimet, Allan; Toner, Guy; Bishop, James F.; Ketelby, William; Rastogi, Ram; Birkhofer, Martin
1996A stable reagent mixture for the whole blood transketolase assay.Chamberlain, B. R.; Buttery, J. E.; Pannall, Peter R.
1997Phase I dose intensification study of 2-weekly epirubicin with GM-CSF in advanced cancerMichael, M.; Toner, G. C.; Olver, Ian N.; Fennesy, A.; Bishop, James F.
1999Evaluation of gastric emptying and motility in diabetic gastroparesis with magnetic resonance imaging: effects of cisaprideBorovicka, Jirl; Lehmann, R.; Kunz, P.; Fraser, Robert; Kreiss, C.; Crelier, G.; Boesiger, Peter; Spinas, G. A.; Fried, Michael; Schwizer, W.
1997Phase I study of paclitaxel and oral etoposide in previously untreated non-small cell and extensive small cell lung cancer.Boyer, M.; Zalcberg, John R.; Olver, Ian N.; Millward, Michael J.; Richardson, Gary; McKeage, M.
1995A strategy to promote the rational use of laboratory tests. GuidelinePannall, Peter R.; Marshall, William; Jabor, Antonin; Magid, Erik
1997Lumen formation during angiogenesis in vitro involves phagocytic activity, formation and secretion of vacuoles, cell death, and capillary tube remodelling by different populations of endothelial cells.Meyer, Geoffrey T.; Matthias, Lisa J.; Noack, Leanne; Vadas, Mathew Alexander; Gamble, Jennifer R.
1995High density lipoproteins inhibit cytokine-induced expression of endothelial cell adhesion moleculesCockerill, G. W.; Rye, Kerry-Anne; Gamble, Jennifer R.; Vadas, Mathew Alexander; Barter, Philip John
1996Cost-effectiveness analysis of screening by faecal occult blood testing for colorectal cancer in AustraliaSalkeld, Glenn; Young, Graeme; Irwig, Les; Haas, Marion; Glasziou, Paul
1998Cholesteryl ester transfer in hypercholesterolaemia; fasting and postprandial studies with and without pravastatinContacus, C.; Barter, Philip John; Vrga, L.; Sullivan, David R.