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2005Incidence and prevention of cardiac tamponade complicating ablation for atrial fibrillationHsu, L.; Jais, P.; Hocini, M.; Sanders, P.; Scavee, C.; Sacher, F.; Takahashi, Y.; Rotter, M.; Pasquie, J.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2005Mitral isthmus ablation for atrial fibrillationJais, P.; Hsu, L.; Rotter, M.; Sanders, P.; Takahashi, Y.; Rostock, T.; Sacher, F.; Hocini, M.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2005Sinus rhythm mimicking atrial fibrillation recurrenceRostock, T.; Sanders, P.; Rotter, M.; Haissaguerre, M.
2003Reverse remodeling of sinus node function after catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation in patients with prolonged sinus pausesHocini, M.; Sanders, P.; Deisenhofer, I.; Jais, P.; Hsu, L.; Scavee, C.; Weerasooriya, R.; Raybaud, F.; MacLe, L.; Shah, D.; Garrigue, S.; Le Metayer, P.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2004Mapping and ablation of ventricular fibrillationSanders, P.; Hsu, L.; Hocini, M.; Jais, P.; Takahashi, Y.; Rotter, M.; Sacher, F.; Pasquie, J.; Arentz, T.; Scavee, C.; Garrigue, S.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2003Early appearance of an edematous tissue reaction during left atrial linear ablation using intracardiac echo imagingWeerasooriya, R.; Jais, P.; Sanders, P.; Scavee, C.; Hsu, L.; Hocini, M.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2004Electrophysiologic and clinical consequences of linear catheter ablation to transect the anterior left atrium in patients with atrial fibrillationSanders, P.; Jais, P.; Hocini, M.; Hsu, L.; Scavee, C.; Sacher, F.; Rotter, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Pasquie, J.; Shah, D.; Garrigue, S.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2004Prospective randomised comparison of irrigated-tip and large-tip catheter ablation of cavotricuspid isthmus-dependent atrial flutterScavee, C.; Jais, P.; Hsu, L.; Sanders, P.; Hocini, M.; Weerasooriya, R.; MacLe, L.; Raybaud, F.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2004Pseudo-fascicular activity originating from the right ventricular outflow tractTakahashi, Y.; Sanders, P.; Ho, S.; Haissaguerre, M.
2004Pulmonary vein ablation using a 3D catheter tracking systemWeerasooriya, R.; Jais, P.; Scavee, C.; Hocini, M.; MacLe, L.; Hsu, L.; Sanders, P.; Haissaguerre, M.