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2000Expression of a catalytically inactive sphingosine kinase mutant blocks agonist-induced sphingosine kinase activationPitson, S.; Moretti, P.; Zebol, J.; Xia, P.; Gamble, J.; Vadas, M.; D'Andrea, R.; Wattenberg, B.
2000Cloning of leptin cDNA and assignment to the long arm of chromosome 5 in the marsupial Sminthopsis crassicaudataHope, P.; Webb, G.; Lok, S.; Hope, R.; Turnbull, H.; Jelmberg, A.; Wittert, G.
2000The ratio of dietary protein to carbohydrate increases leptin mRNA expression independent of total caloric intakeHaren, M.; Turnbull, H.; Hope, P.; Wittert, G.; 2000 Pre-Olympic Congress International Congress on Sports Science, Sports Medicine and Physical Education (07 Sep 2000 : Brisbane, Australia)
2000A pharmacokinetic and phase II study of gallium nitrate in patients with non-small cell lung cancerWebster, L.; Olver, I.; Stokes, K.; Sephton, R.; Hillcoat, B.; Bishop, J.
2000Increased levels of apoptosis of leukocyte subsets in cultured pbmcs compared to whole blood as shown by annexin v binding: relevance to cytokine productionHodge, G.; Hodge, S.; Han, P.
2000Normal and leukemic engraftment in the nod/scid mouse modelHughes, T.; White, D.; Bresatz, S.; Forte, M.; Lewis, I.; Lyons, A.
2000A new rare t(9;11)(p22;p15) in acute leukaemiaNicola, M.; Suttle, J.; Beerworth, J.; Dobrovic, A.; Hughes, T.; Moore, S.
2000Engraftment of T-cell-depleted allogeneic haematopoietic stem cells using a reduced intensity conditioning regimenCraddock, C.; Bardy, P.; Kreiter, S.; Johnston, R.; Apperley, J.; Marks, D.; Huber, C.; Kolbe, K.; Goulding, R.; Lawler, M.; Goldman, J.; Hughes, T.; Derigs, G.
2000Inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion, abdominal pain and disseminated varicella-zoster virus infection: an unusual triad in a patient 6 months post mini-allogeneic peripheral stem cell transplant for chronic myeloid leukemiaSzabo, F.; Horvath, N.; Seimon, S.; Hughes, T.
2000Home care by outreach nursing for chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseSmith, B.; Appleton, S.; Adams, R.; Southcott, A.; Ruffin, R.