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2007Is there a benefit from intensified medical and psychological interventions in patients with functional dyspepsia not responding to conventional therapy?Haag, S.; Senf, W.; Tagay, S.; Langkafel, M.; Braun-Lang, U.; Pietsch, A.; Heuft, G.; Talley, N.; Holtmann, G.
2007Mechanisms of Disease: genetics of functional gastrointestinal disorders - searching the genes that matterAdam, B.; Liebregts, T.; Holtmann, G.
2007In men older than 70 years total testosterone remains stable while free testosterone declines with age. The Health in Men StudyYeap, B.; Almeida, O.; Hyde, Z.; Norman, P.; Chubb, S.; Jamrozik, K.
2007Epidemic syphilis exhibits diverse manifestationsDancer, Craig Matthew; Doolan, Andrew R.; Redmond, Andrew M.; Rowling, Diana F.; Woods, Marion L.
2007The natural history of age-related disc degeneration: The pathology and sequelae of tearsVernon-Roberts, B.; Moore, R.; Fraser, R.
2007The 11th National prevocational medical education forumRuffin, R.; Crotty, B.; Landau, L.; McGrath, B.
2007Grand round cases: Australian Association of Neurologists Annual Scientific Meeting, Canberra 2006Thompson, P.
2007The impact of continuous positive airway pressure on the lower esophageal sphincterShepherd, K.; Holloway, R.; Hillman, D.; Eastwood, P.
2007Extended dosing intervals with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in chronic kidney disease: a review of clinical dataCarrera, F.; Disney, A.; Molina, M.
2007Invest to grow local evaluation report: Through the looking glass – a community partnership in parentingAylward, Paul; O’Neill, Margaret