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2000Reaction products of hyaluronan exposed to ferrous ion autoxidation: Depolymerisation is not the only modificationWiebkin, O.; Hyaluronan 2000 (03 Sep 2000 : Wales, UK)
2009Comparative effects of oral and intraduodenal glucose on blood pressure, heart rate, and splanchnic blood flow in healthy older subjectsGentilcore, D.; Nair, N.; Vanis, L.; Rayner, C.; Meyer, J.; Hausken, T.; Horowitz, M.; Jones, K.
2000Reduction of the genetic interval for lymphoedema-distichiasis to below 2 MBBell, R.; Brice, G.; Child, A.; Murday, V.; Mansour, S.; Sandy, C.; Collin, J.; Mortimer, P.; Callen, D.; Burnand, K.; Jeffery, S.
2009The effect of exogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 on the glycaemic response to small intestinal nutrient in the critically ill: a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled cross over studyDeane, A.; Chapman, M.; Fraser, R.; Burgstad, C.; Besanko, L.; Horowitz, M.
2006Supportive care in colon cancerKeefe, D.
2009Initial impact of Australia's national bowel cancer screening programAnanda, S.; McLaughlin, S.; Chen, F.; Hayes, I.; Hunter, A.; Skinner, I.; Steel, M.; Jones, I.; Hastie, I.; Rieger, N.; Shedda, S.; Compston, D.; Gibbs, P.
2007Epidemic syphilis exhibits diverse manifestationsDancer, Craig Matthew; Doolan, Andrew R.; Redmond, Andrew M.; Rowling, Diana F.; Woods, Marion L.
2009Metabolic characteristics of imatinib resistance in chronic myeloid leukaemia cellsKlawitter, J.; Kominsky, D.; Brown, J.; Klawitter, J.; Christians, U.; Leibfritz, D.; Vaz de Melo, J.; Eckhardt, S.; Serkova, N.
2009Abnormalities in glucose uptake and metabolism in imatinib-resistant human BCR-ABL positive cellsKominsky, D.; Klawitter, J.; Brown, J.; Boros, L.; Vaz de Melo, J.; Eckhardt, S.; Serkova, N.
2001Pathophysiology of bradykinesia in Parkinson's diseaseBerardelli, A.; Rothwell, J.; Thompson, P.; Hallett, M.