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2006When symptoms of disease overlap with symptoms of depressionEllis, G.; Robinson, J.; Crawford, G.
2004Diagnosis based injury severity scaling: investigation of a method using Australian and New Zealand hospitalisationsStephenson, Sally-Anne; Henley, G.; Harrison, James E.; Langley, J. D.
2009Auditory displays in anesthesiologySanderson, P.; Liu, D.; Jenkins, S.
2003Reduced and standard target concentration tacrolimus with sirolimus in renal allograft recipientsRuss, G.; Campbell, S.; Chadban, S.; Eris, J.; O'Connell, P.; Pussell, B.; Walker, R.
2005Hepatic vein stenting for recurrent ascites in polycystic liver and kidney diseaseMudge, D.; Taylor, J.; Bannister, K.
2009Harmonization of molecular monitoring of CML therapy in EuropeMuller, M.; Cross, N.; Erben, P.; Schenk, T.; Hanfstein, B.; Ernst, T.; Hehlmann, R.; Branford, S.; Saglio, G.; Hochhaus, A.
2004Audit of postoperative chemoradiotherapy as adjuvant therapy for resected gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma: An Australian multicentre experienceHughes, Brett G. M.; Yip, Desmond; Chao, Michael; Gibbs, Peter; Carroll, Susan; Goldstein, David; Burmeister, Bryan H.; Karapetis, Christos S.
2001Human myeloid dendritic cells transduced with an adenoviral interleukin-10 gene construct inhibit human skin graft rejection in humanized NOD-scid chimeric miceCoates, P.; Krishnan, R.; Kireta, S.; Johnston, J.; Russ, G.
2003Utility of a weight-based heparin nomogram for patients with acute coronary syndromesZimmermann, A.; Jeffries, W.; McElroy, H.; Horowitz, J.
2004Effect of Perindopril on platelet nitric oxide resistance in patients with chronic heart failure secondary to ischemic left ventricular dysfunctionChirkov, Y.; Holmes, A.; Martelli, J.; Horowitz, J.