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2008The I.A.N.A. task force on frailty assessment of older people in clinical practiceAbellan Van Kan, G.; Rolland, Y.; Bergman, H.; Morley, J.; Kritchevsky, S.; Vellas, B.
2008Serum total and bioavailable testosterone levels, central obesity, and muscle strength changes with aging in healthy Chinese menChu, L.; Tam, S.; Kung, A.; Lo, S.; Fan, S.; Wong, R.; Morley, J.; Lam, K.
2008Sarcopenia: its assessment, etiology, pathogenesis, consequences and futureRolland, Y.; Czerwinski, S.; Abellan Van Kan, G.; Morley, J.; Cesari, M.; Onder, G.; Woo, J.; Baumgartner, R.; Pillard, F.; Boirie, Y.; Chumlea, W.; Vellas, B.
2000The changing treatment of arthritisCleland, L.; Proudman, S.; James, M.; Penglis, P.
2008A short version of the ADAM questionnaire for androgen deficiency in Chinese menChu, L.; Tam, S.; Kung, A.; Lam, T.; Lee, A.; Wong, R.; Lo, S.; Fan, S.; Chung, C.; Morley, J.; Lam, K.
2008Effect of dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on brain lipid fatty acid composition, learning ability, and memory of senescence-accelerated mousePetursdottir, A.; Farr, S.; Morley, J.; Banks, W.; Skuladottir, G.
2008The effects of environmental stressors on the mortality of the oldest old male population in Hong Kong, 1977-2006Chau, P.; Yen, E.; Morley, J.; Woo, J.
2009Endogenous plasma carnitine pool composition and response to erythropoietin treatment in chronic haemodialysis patientsReuter, S.; Faull, R.; Ranieri, E.; Evans, A.
2005Anticipatory nausea and vomitingAapro, M.; Molassiotis, A.; Olver, I.
2001CD40 is not detected on human prostate cancer cells by immunohistologic techniquesMoghaddami, M.; Cohen, P.; Stapleton, A.; Brown, M.