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2018Fine-mapping of prostate cancer susceptibility loci in a large meta-analysis identifies candidate causal variantsDadaev, T.; Saunders, E.; Newcombe, P.; Anokian, E.; Leongamornlert, D.; Brook, M.; Cieza-Borrella, C.; Mijuskovic, M.; Wakerell, S.; Olama, A.; Schumacher, F.; Berndt, S.; Benlloch, S.; Ahmed, M.; Goh, C.; Sheng, X.; Zhang, Z.; Muir, K.; Govindasami, K.; Lophatananon, A.; et al.
2018A protocol developing, disseminating and implementing a core outcome set for infertilityDuffy, J.; Bhattacharya, S.; Curtis, C.; Evers, J.; Farquharson, R.; Franik, S.; Khalaf, Y.; Legro, R.; Lensen, S.; Mol, B.; Niederberger, C.; Ng, E.; Repping, S.; Strandell, A.; Torrance, H.; Vail, A.; van Wely, M.; Vuong, N.; Wang, A.; Wang, R.; et al.
2018A genome-wide association study of diabetic kidney disease in subjects with type 2 diabetesVan Zuydam, N.; Ahlqvist, E.; Sandholm, N.; Deshmukh, H.; William Rayner, N.; Abdalla, M.; Ladenvall, C.; Ziemek, D.; Fauman, E.; Robertson, N.; McKeigue, P.; Valo, E.; Forsblom, C.; Harjutsalo, V.; Perna, A.; Rurali, E.; Loredana Marcovecchio, M.; Igo, R.; Salem, R.; Perico, N.; et al.
2018Effect of aspirin on all-cause mortality in the healthy elderlyMcNeil, J.; Nelson, M.; Woods, R.; Lockery, J.; Wolfe, R.; Reid, C.; Kirpach, B.; Shah, R.; Ives, D.; Storey, E.; Ryan, J.; Tonkin, A.; Newman, A.; Williamson, J.; Margolis, K.; Ernst, M.; Abhayaratna, W.; Stocks, N.; Fitzgerald, S.; Orchard, S.; et al.
2018A craniosynostosis massively parallel sequencing panel study in 309 Australian and New Zealand patients: findings and recommendationsLee, E.; Le, T.; Zhu, Y.; Elakis, G.; Turner, A.; Lo, W.; Venselaar, H.; Verrenkamp, C.; Snow, N.; Mowat, D.; Kirk, E.; Sachdev, R.; Smith, J.; Brown, N.; Wallis, M.; Barnett, C.; McKenzie, F.; Freckmann, M.; Collins, F.; Chopra, M.; et al.
2018Patient-derived models of abiraterone- and enzalutamide-resistant prostate cancer reveal sensitivity to ribosome-directed therapyLawrence, M.; Obinata, D.; Sandhu, S.; Selth, L.; Wong, S.; Porter, L.; Lister, N.; Pook, D.; Pezaro, C.; Goode, D.; Rebello, R.; Clark, A.; Papargiris, M.; Van Gramberg, J.; Hanson, A.; Banks, P.; Wang, H.; Niranjan, B.; Keerthikumar, S.; Hedwards, S.; et al.
2018Mutations in the epithelial cadherin-p120-catenin complex cause Mendelian non-syndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palateCox, L.; Cox, T.; Moreno Uribe, L.; Zhu, Y.; Richter, C.; Nidey, N.; Standley, J.; Deng, M.; Blue, E.; Chong, J.; Yang, Y.; Carstens, R.; Anand, D.; Lachke, S.; Smith, J.; Dorschner, M.; Bedell, B.; Kirk, E.; Hing, A.; Venselaar, H.; et al.
2018Anti-TNF therapeutic drug monitoring in postoperative Crohn's diseaseWright, E.; Kamm, M.; De Cruz, P.; Hamilton, A.; Selvaraj, F.; Princen, F.; Gorelik, A.; Liew, D.; Prideaux, L.; Lawrance, I.; Andrews, J.; Bampton, P.; Jakobovits, S.; Florin, T.; Gibson, P.; Debinski, H.; Macrae, F.; Samuel, D.; Kronborg, I.; Radford-Smith, G.; et al.
2018De novo and inherited mutations in the X-linked gene CLCN4 are associated with syndromic intellectual disability and behavior and seizure disorders in males and femalesPalmer, E.; Stuhlmann, T.; Weinert, S.; Haan, E.; van Esch, H.; Holvoet, M.; Boyle, J.; Leffler, M.; Raynaud, M.; Moraine, C.; van Bokhoven, H.; Kleefstra, T.; Kahrizi, K.; Najmabadi, H.; Ropers, H.; Delgado, M.; Sirsi, D.; Golla, S.; Sommer, A.; Pietryga, M.; et al.
2018Role of the β common (βc) family of cytokines in health and diseaseHercus, T.; Kan, W.; Broughton, S.; Tvorogov, D.; Ramshaw, H.; Sandow, J.; Nero, T.; Dhagat, U.; Thompson, E.; Tung Shing, K.; McKenzie, D.; Wilson, N.; Owczarek, C.; Vairo, G.; Nash, A.; Tergaonkar, V.; Hughes, T.; Ekert, P.; Samuel, M.; Bonder, C.; et al.