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2018Germline variation at 8q24 and prostate cancer risk in men of European ancestryMatejcic, M.; Saunders, E.; Dadaev, T.; Brook, M.; Wang, K.; Sheng, X.; Olama, A.; Schumacher, F.; Ingles, S.; Govindasami, K.; Benlloch, S.; Berndt, S.; Albanes, D.; Koutros, S.; Muir, K.; Stevens, V.; Gapstur, S.; Tangen, C.; Batra, J.; Clements, J.; et al.
2018Report of the Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology–Hemodialysis (SONG-HD) Consensus Workshop on Establishing a Core Outcome Measure for Hemodialysis Vascular AccessViecelli, A.; Tong, A.; O'Lone, E.; Ju, A.; Hanson, C.; Sautenet, B.; Craig, J.; Manns, B.; Howell, M.; Chemla, E.; Hooi, L.; Johnson, D.; Lee, T.; Lok, C.; Polkinghorne, K.; Quinn, R.; Vachharajani, T.; Vanholder, R.; Zuo, L.; Hawley, C.; et al.
2018Establishing a core outcome measure for fatigue in patients on Hemodialysis: a Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology-Hemodialysis (SONG-HD) Consensus Workshop ReportJu, A.; Unruh, M.; Davison, S.; Dapueto, J.; Dew, M.; Fluck, R.; Germain, M.; Jassal, S.; Obrador, G.; O'Donoghue, D.; Josephson, M.; Craig, J.; Viecelli, A.; O'Lone, E.; Hanson, C.; Manns, B.; Sautenet, B.; Howell, M.; Reddy, B.; Wilkie, C.; et al.
2018Genetics of the thrombomodulin-endothelial cell protein C receptor system and the risk of early-onset ischemic strokeCole, J.; Xu, H.; Ryan, K.; Jaworek, T.; Dueker, N.; McArdle, P.; Gaynor, B.; Cheng, Y.; O'Connell, J.; Bevan, S.; Malik, R.; Ahmed, N.; Amouyel, P.; Anjum, S.; Bis, J.; Crosslin, D.; Danesh, J.; Engelter, S.; Fornage, M.; Frossard, P.; et al.
2018Imaging features and safety and efficacy of endovascular stroke treatment: a meta-analysis of individual patient-level dataRomán, L.; Menon, B.; Blasco, J.; Hernández-Pérez, M.; Dávalos, A.; Majoie, C.; Campbell, B.; Guillemin, F.; Lingsma, H.; Anxionnat, R.; Epstein, J.; Saver, J.; Marquering, H.; Wong, J.; Lopes, D.; Reimann, G.; Desal, H.; Dippel, D.; Coutts, S.; du Mesnil de Rochemont, R.; et al.
2018Effect of general anaesthesia on functional outcome in patients with anterior circulation ischaemic stroke having endovascular thrombectomy versus standard care: a meta-analysis of individual patient dataCampbell, B.; van Zwam, W.; Goyal, M.; Menon, B.; Dippel, D.; Demchuk, A.; Bracard, S.; White, P.; Dávalos, A.; Majoie, C.; van der Lugt, A.; Ford, G.; de la Ossa, N.; Kelly, M.; Bourcier, R.; Donnan, G.; Roos, Y.; Bang, O.; Nogueira, R.; Devlin, T.; et al.
2018Mapping cortical brain asymmetry in 17,141 healthy individuals worldwide via the ENIGMA consortiumKong, X.; Mathias, S.; Guadalupe, T.; Abé, C.; Agartz, I.; Akudjedu, T.; Aleman, A.; Alhusaini, S.; Allen, N.; Ames, D.; Andreassen, O.; Vasquez, A.; Armstrong, N.; Bergo, F.; Bastin, M.; Batalla, A.; Bauer, J.; Baune, B.; Baur-Streubel, R.; Biederman, J.; et al.
2018A practice change intervention to improve antenatal care addressing alcohol consumption by women during pregnancy: research protocol for a randomised stepped-wedge cluster trialKingsland, M.; Doherty, E.; Anderson, A.; Crooks, K.; Tully, B.; Tremain, D.; Tsang, T.; Attia, J.; Wolfenden, L.; Dunlop, A.; Bennett, N.; Hunter, M.; Ward, S.; Reeves, P.; Symonds, I.; Rissel, C.; Azzopardi, C.; Searles, A.; Gillham, K.; Elliott, E.; et al.
2018Antenatal IL-1-dependent inflammation persists postnatally and causes retinal and sub-retinal vasculopathy in progenyBeaudry-Richard, A.; Nadeau-Vallée, M.; Prairie, É.; Maurice, N.; Heckel, É.; Nezhady, M.; Pundir, S.; Madaan, A.; Boudreault, A.; Hou, X.; Quiniou, C.; Sierra, E.; Beaulac, A.; Lodygensky, G.; Robertson, S.; Keelan, J.; Adams-Waldorf, K.; Olson, D.; Rivera, J.; Lubell, W.; et al.
2018Recipient mucosal-associated invariant T cells control GVHD within the colonVarelias, A.; Bunting, M.; Ormerod, K.; Koyama, M.; Olver, S.; Straube, J.; Kuns, R.; Robb, R.; Henden, A.; Cooper, L.; Lachner, N.; Gartlan, K.; Lantz, O.; Kjer-Nielsen, L.; Mak, J.; Fairlie, D.; Clouston, A.; McCluskey, J.; Rossjohn, J.; Lane, S.; et al.