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2015Behavioural early-life exposures and body composition at age 15 yearsLeary, S.; Lawlor, D.; Davey Smith, G.; Brion, M.; Ness, A.
2015Association analysis of 29,956 individuals confirms that a low- frequency variant at CCND2 halves the risk of type 2 diabetes by enhancing insulin secretionYaghootkar, H.; Stancáková, A.; Freathy, R.; Vangipurapu, J.; Weedon, M.; Xie, W.; Wood, A.; Ferrannini, E.; Mari, A.; Ring, S.; Lawlor, D.; Smith, G.; Jørgensen, T.; Hansen, T.; Pedersen, O.; Steinthorsdottir, V.; Guobjartsson, D.; Thorleifsson, G.; Thorsteinsdottir, U.; Stefansson, K.; et al.
2015Examining the causal association of fasting glucose with blood pressure in healthy children and adolescents: a Mendelian randomization study employing common genetic variants of fasting glucoseGoharian, T.; Andersen, L.; Franks, P.; Wareham, N.; Brage, S.; Veidebaum, T.; Ekelund, U.; Lawlor, D.; Loos, R.; Grøntved, A.
2015Associations of central and peripheral blood pressure with cardiac structure and function in an adolescent birth cohort: The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and ChildrenFerreira, D.; Fraser, A.; Howe, L.; Jones, S.; Davey Smith, G.; Lawlor, D.; Tapp, R.; Ness, A.; Deanfield, J.; Chaturvedi, N.; Hughes, A.
2015Covariate-adjusted measures of discrimination for survival dataWhite, I.; Rapsomaniki, E.; Wannamethee, S.; Morris, R.; Willeit, J.; Willeit, P.; Santer, P.; Kiechl, S.; Wald, N.; Ebrahim, S.; Lawlor, D.; Gallacher, J.; Yarnell, J.; Ben-Shlomo, Y.; Casiglia, E.; Tikhonoff, V.; Sutherland, S.; Nietert, P.; Keil, J.; Bachman, D.; et al.
2015Genome-wide association study of blood lead shows multiple associations near ALADWarrington, N.; Zhu, G.; Dy, V.; Heath, A.; Madden, P.; Hemani, G.; Kemp, J.; Mcmahon, G.; St Pourcain, B.; Timpson, N.; Taylor, C.; Golding, J.; Lawlor, D.; Steer, C.; Montgomery, G.; Martin, N.; Smith, G.; Evans, D.; Whitfield, J.
2015Sedentary time in late childhood and cardiometabolic risk in adolescenceStamatakis, E.; Coombs, N.; Tiling, K.; Mattocks, C.; Cooper, A.; Hardy, L.; Lawlor, D.
2015External validation and calibration of IVFpredict: a national prospective cohort study of 130,960 in vitro fertilisation cyclesSmith, A.; Tilling, K.; Lawlor, D.; Nelson, S.
2015Agreement between routine and research measurement of infant height and weightBryant, M.; Santorelli, G.; Fairley, L.; Petherick, E.; Bhopal, R.; Lawlor, D.; Tilling, K.; Howe, L.; Farrar, D.; Cameron, N.; Mohammed, M.; Wright, J.; Born in Bradford Childhood Obesity Scientific Group; Farrin, A.; Ball, H.; Summerbell, C.; Barber, S.; Hill, A.; Small, N.; Raynor, P.; et al.
2015Causal mechanisms and balancing selection inferred from genetic associations with polycystic ovary syndromeDay, F.; Hinds, D.; Tung, J.; Stolk, L.; Styrkarsdottir, U.; Saxena, R.; Bjonnes, A.; Broer, L.; Dunger, D.; Halldorsson, B.; Lawlor, D.; Laval, G.; Mathieson, I.; McCardle, W.; Louwers, Y.; Meun, C.; Ring, S.; Scott, R.; Sulem, P.; Uitterlinden, A.; et al.