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2015Prenatal nicotine exposure selectively affects nicotinic receptor expression in primary and associative visual cortices of the fetal baboonDuncan, J.; Garland, M.; Stark, R.; Myers, M.; Fifer, W.; Mokler, D.; Kinney, H.
2015Stimulus-dependent differences in signalling regulate epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity and change the effects of drugs in breast cancer cell linesCursons, J.; Leuchowius, K.; Waltham, M.; Tomaskovic-Crook, E.; Foroutan, M.; Bracken, C.; Redfern, A.; Crampin, E.; Street, I.; Davis, M.; Thompson, E.
2015BOB CAT: a large-scale review and delphi consensus for management of Barrett's esophagus with no dysplasia, indefinite for, or low-grade dysplasiaBennett, C.; Moayyedi, P.; Corley, D.; Decaestecker, J.; Falck-Ytter, Y.; Falk, G.; Vakil, N.; Sanders, S.; Vieth, M.; Inadomi, J.; Aldulaimi, D.; Ho, K.; Odze, R.; Meltzer, S.; Quigley, E.; Gittens, S.; Watson, P.; Zaninotto, G.; Iyer, P.; Alexandre, L.; et al.
2015Disadvantage and the 'capacity to aspire' to medical schoolSouthgate, E.; Kelly, B.; Symonds, I.
2015Re-examining the association between vitamin D and childhood cariesDudding, T.; Thomas, S.; Duncan, K.; Lawlor, D.; Timpson, N.
2015Surgical management of hallux valgus and hallux rigidus: an email survey among Swiss orthopaedic surgeons regarding their current practiceIselin, L.; Klammer, G.; Espinoza, N.; Symeonidis, P.; Iselin, D.; Stavrou, P.
2015Basal protein phosphatase 2A activity restrains cytokine expression: role for MAPKs and tristetraprolinRahman, M.; Rumzhum, N.; Morris, J.; Clark, A.; Verrills, N.; Ammit, A.
2015Tissue invasion and metastasis: molecular, biological and clinical perspectivesJiang, W.; Sanders, A.; Katoh, M.; Ungefroren, H.; Gieseler, F.; Prince, M.; Thompson, S.; Zollo, M.; Spano, D.; Dhawan, P.; Sliva, D.; Subbarayan, P.; Sarkar, M.; Honoki, K.; Fujii, H.; Georgakilas, A.; Amedei, A.; Niccolai, E.; Amin, A.; Ashraf, S.; et al.
2015Putting recommendations into practice: Australian rheumatologists’ opinions on leflunomide use in rheumatoid arthritisHopkins, A.; Wiese, M.; O'Doherty, C.; Proudman, S.; Australian Rheumatology Associationin conjunction with Rheumatology Health Professionals Association 56th Annual Scientific Meeting (23 May 2015 - 26 May 2015 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2015Beyond height and weight: a programme of school nurse assessed skinfold measurements from white British and South Asian origin children aged 4-5 years within the Born in Bradford cohort studyWest, J.; Santorelli, G.; Lennon, L.; O'Connell, K.; Corkett, J.; Wright, J.; Brierley, S.; Whincup, P.; Cameron, N.; Lawlor, D.