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2015Neurology and psychiatry: waking up to opportunities of sleep.: State of the art and clinical/research priorities for the next decadeBassetti, C.; Ferini-Strambi, L.; Brown, S.; Adamantidis, A.; Benedetti, F.; Bruni, O.; Cajochen, C.; Dolenc-Groselj, L.; Ferri, R.; Gais, S.; Huber, R.; Khatami, R.; Lammers, G.; Luppi, P.; Manconi, M.; Nissen, C.; Nobili, L.; Peigneux, P.; Pollmächer, T.; Randerath, W.; et al.
2015Sleep in children with neurodevelopmental disabilitiesAngriman, M.; Caravale, B.; Novelli, L.; Ferri, R.; Bruni, O.
2015Birthweight and risk markers for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in childhood: the Child Heart and Health Study in England (CHASE)Nightingale, C.; Rudnicka, A.; Owen, C.; Newton, S.; Bales, J.; Donin, A.; McKay, C.; Steer, P.; Lawlor, D.; Sattar, N.; Cook, D.; Whincup, P.
2015The association of maternal age with birthweight and gestational age: a cross-cohort comparisonRestrepo-Méndez, M.; Lawlor, D.; Horta, B.; Matijasevich, A.; Santos, I.; Menezes, A.; Barros, F.; Victora, C.
2015Indices of bipolar complex fractionated atrial electrograms correlate poorly with each other and atrial fibrillation substrate complexityLau, D.; Maesen, B.; Zeemering, S.; Kuklik, P.; Hunnik, A.; Lankveld, T.; Bidar, E.; Verheule, S.; Nijs, J.; Maessen, J.; Crijns, H.; Sanders, P.; Schotten, U.
2015In memoriam: B. E. Christopher NordinHorowitz, M.; Morris, H.
2015Less surgery, improved survival from stage IV colorectal cancer?Price, T.; Tebbutt, N.; Townsend, A.
2015Immune responses to a recombinant, four-component, meningococcal serogroup B vaccine (4CMenB) in adolescents: a phase III, randomized, multicentre, lot-to-lot consistency studyPerrett, K.; McVernon, J.; Richmond, P.; Marshall, H.; Nissen, M.; August, A.; Percell, S.; Toneatto, D.; Nolan, T.
2015Uncovering a new role for peroxidase enzymes as drivers of angiogenesisPanagopoulos, V.; Zinonos, I.; Leach, D.; Hay, S.; Liapis, V.; Zysk, A.; Ingman, W.; DeNichilo, M.; Evdokiou, A.
2015Adoptive T-cell immunotherapy for ganciclovir-resistant CMV disease after lung transplantationHolmes-Liew, C.; Holmes, M.; Beagley, L.; Hopkins, P.; Chambers, D.; Smith, C.; Khanna, R.