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2015The effects of angiogenic growth factors on first trimester trophoblast invasion and proliferationAndraweera, P.; Highet, A.; Heinemann, G.; Roberts, C.; Annual Conference of the International Federation of Placental Associations (IFPA) 2015 (08 Sep 2015 - 11 Sep 2015 : Brisbane, Australia)
2015"The opening of the mouth" - a new perspective for an Ancient Egyptian mummification procedureSeiler, R.; Rühli, F.
2015Overexpression of catalase diminishes oxidative cysteine modifications of cardiac proteinsYao, C.; Behring, J.; Shao, D.; Sverdlov, A.; Whelan, S.; Elezaby, A.; Yin, X.; Siwik, D.; Seta, F.; Costello, C.; Cohen, R.; Matsui, R.; Colucci, W.; McComb, M.; Bachschmid, M.
2015Neuropeptide W modulation of gastric vagal afferent mechanosensitivity: impact of age and sexLi, H.; Frisby, C.; O'Donnell, T.; Kentish, S.; Wittert, G.; Page, A.
2015High fat diet induced changes in gastric vagal afferent response to adiponectinKentish, S.; Ratcliff, K.; Li, H.; Wittert, G.; Page, A.
2015The relationship between fasting plasma citrulline concentration and small intestinal function in the critically illPoole, A.; Deane, A.; Summers, M.; Fletcher, J.; Chapman, M.
2015High local recurrence of early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma after percutaneous thermal ablation in routine clinical practiceChinnaratha, M.; Sathananthan, D.; Pateria, P.; Tse, E.; Macquillan, G.; Mosel, L.; Pathi, R.; Madigan, D.; Wigg, A.
2015Causal mechanisms and balancing selection inferred from genetic associations with polycystic ovary syndromeDay, F.; Hinds, D.; Tung, J.; Stolk, L.; Styrkarsdottir, U.; Saxena, R.; Bjonnes, A.; Broer, L.; Dunger, D.; Halldorsson, B.; Lawlor, D.; Laval, G.; Mathieson, I.; McCardle, W.; Louwers, Y.; Meun, C.; Ring, S.; Scott, R.; Sulem, P.; Uitterlinden, A.; et al.
2015A life course approach to cardiovascular agingHardy, R.; Lawlor, D.; Kuh, D.
2015Post receptor determinants of acute platelet response to clopidogrel in patients with symptomatic myocardial ischemiaNooney, V.; Hurst, N.; Chirkov, Y.; De Caterina, R.; Horowitz, J.