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2015Nutritional care in hospitalized patients with chronic liver diseaseHuynh, D.; Selvanderan, S.; Harley, H.; Holloway, R.; Nguyen, N.
2015Challenges of the pandemic response in primary care during pre-vaccination period: a qualitative studyKunin, M.; Engelhard, D.; Thomas, S.; Ashworth, M.; Piterman, L.
2015Neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome: current diagnostic criteria and advances in MRI diagnosticsMagill, S.; Brus-Ramer, M.; Weinstein, P.; Chin, C.; Jacques, L.
2015Do bacteria play an important role in the pathogenesis of low back pain?Fisher, T.; Osti, O.
2015The skin immune atlas: three-dimensional analysis of cutaneous leukocyte subsets by multiphoton microscopyTong, P.; Roediger, B.; Kolesnikoff, N.; Biro, M.; Tay, S.; Jain, R.; Shaw, L.; Grimbaldeston, M.; Weninger, W.
2015Whole genomes redefine the mutational landscape of pancreatic cancerWaddell, N.; Pajic, M.; Patch, A.; Chang, D.; Kassahn, K.; Bailey, P.; Johns, A.; Miller, D.; Nones, K.; Quek, K.; Quinn, M.; Robertson, A.; Fadlullah, M.; Bruxner, T.; Christ, A.; Harliwong, I.; Idrisoglu, S.; Manning, S.; Nourse, C.; Nourbakhsh, E.; et al.
2015Modern hydrocortisone replacement regimens in adrenal insufficiency patients and the risk of adrenal crisisRushworth, R.; Torpy, D.
2015Content validation of the diagnosis Ineffective Breathing PatternBocková, S.; Marečková, J.; Zapletalová, J.
2015Geriatric assessment of older patients with cancer in Australia-a multicentre auditLakhanpal, R.; Yoong, J.; Joshi, S.; Yip, D.; Mileshkin, L.; Marx, G.; Dunlop, T.; Hovey, E.; Della Fiorentina, S.; Venkateswaran, L.; Tattersall, M.; Liew, S.; Field, K.; Singhal, N.; Steer, C.
2015A 365-day view of the difficult patients treated in an australian adult burn centerAlexander, W.; Coghlan, P.; Greenwood, J.