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2016Hospital admission patterns in children with CAH: admission rates and adrenal crises decline with ageRushworth, R.; Falhammar, H.; Munns, C.; Maguire, A.; Torpy, D.
2014A randomized, controlled trial of everolimus-based dual immunosuppression versus standard of care in de novo kidney transplant recipientsChadban, S.; Eris, J.; Kanellis, J.; Pilmore, H.; Lee, P.; Lim, S.; Woodcock, C.; Kurstjens, N.; Russ, G.
2017Long-term efficacy and safety of α1 proteinase inhibitor treatment for emphysema caused by severe α1 antitrypsin deficiency: an open-label extension trial (RAPID-OLE)McElvaney, N.; Burdon, J.; Holmes, M.; Glanville, A.; Wark, P.; Thompson, P.; Hernandez, P.; Chlumsky, J.; Teschler, H.; Ficker, J.; Seersholm, N.; Altraja, A.; Mäkitaro, R.; Chorostowska-Wynimko, J.; Sanak, M.; Stoicescu, P.; Piitulainen, E.; Vit, O.; Wencker, M.; Tortorici, M.; et al.
2018Synthesis and evaluation of a series of bis(pentylpyridinium) compounds as antifungal agentsObando, D.; Koda, Y.; Pantarat, N.; Lev, S.; Zuo, X.; Bijosono Oei, J.; Widmer, F.; Djordjevic, J.; Sorrell, T.; Jolliffe, K.
2016Feeding and reflux in children after mandibular distraction osteogenesis for micrognathia: a systematic reviewBreik, O.; Umapathysivam, K.; Tivey, D.; Anderson, P.
2017A randomized double-blind crossover trial of intradetrusor injection of botulinum a toxin for severe and refractory idiopathic detrusor overactivity in womenDuggan, P.
2016Progressive brain changes in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: a longitudinal MRI studyShan, Z.; Kwiatek, R.; Burnet, R.; Del Fante, P.; Staines, D.; Marshall-Gradisnik, S.; Barnden, L.
2016TLR2 ligation induces corticosteroid insensitivity in A549 lung epithelial cells: anti-inflammatory impact of PP2A activatorsRahman, M.; Prabhala, P.; Rumzhum, N.; Patel, B.; Wickop, T.; Hansbro, P.; Verrills, N.; Ammit, A.
2017Musculoskeletal health in the context of spinal cord injuryClark, J.; Findlay, D.
2013Phase II single arm open label multicentre clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and side effects of a combination of gefitinib and methotrexate to treat tubal ectopic pregnancies (GEM II): study protocolHorne, A.; Skubisz, M.; Doust, A.; Duncan, W.; Wallace, E.; Critchley, H.; Johns, T.; Norman, J.; Bhattacharya, S.; Mollison, J.; Rassmusen, M.; Tong, S.