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2014Commentary: the association between high dietary intake of docosahexaenoic acid and reduced risk of Crohn's diseaseOoi, S.; Andrews, J.
1996Gastric function in the elderlyAndrews, J.; Horowitz, M.
1998The effect of dietary supplementation with glucose on appetite and antropyloroduodenal motilityAndrews, J.; Doran, S.; Hebbard, G.; Rassias, G.; Sun, W.M.; Horowitz, M.
2010Practical guidelines for treating inflammatory bowel disease safely with anti-tumour necrosis factor therapy in AustraliaConnell, W.; Andrews, J.; Sparrow, M.
1997Altered expression of mucins throughout the colon in ulcerative colitis.Smithson, J.; Campbell, A.; Andrews, J.; Milton, J.; Pigott, R.; Jewell, D.
2012Is there a 'weekend effect' among patients referred to a dedicated 'haematemesis and melaena' service?Rahman, A.H.A.; Hrycek, C.; Bryant, R.V.; Andrews, J.; Nguyen, N.; Schoeman, M.; Holloway, R.; Australian Gastroenterology Week 2012 (16 Oct 2012 - 19 Oct 2012 : Adelaide, SA)
2002Human duodenal phase III migrating motor complex activity is predominantly antegrade, as revealed by high-resolution manometry and colour pressure plotsAndrews, J.; O'Donovan, D.; Hebbard, G.; Malbert, C.; Doran, S.; Dent, J.
1993Gastric mucosal phospholipids and gastroduodenal diseasesAndrews, J.
2015Rural inflammatory bowel disease care in Australia: disease outcomes and perceived barriers to optimal careBennett, A.; Wichmann, M.; Chin, J.; Andrews, J.; Bampton, P.
1999Validation of a novel luminal flow velocimeter with video fluoroscopy and manometry in the human esophagusAndrews, J.; Nathan, H.; Malbert, C.; Verhagen, M.; Gabb, M.; Hebbard, G.; Kilpatrick, S.; MacDonald, S.; Rayner, C.; Doran, S.; Omari, T.; O'Young, E.; Frisby, C.; Fraser, R.; Schoeman, M.; Horowitz, M.; Dent, J.