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2005Refining the perfusion-diffusion mismatch hypothesisButcher, K.; Parsons, M.; MacGregor, L.; Barber, P.; Chalk, J.; Bladin, C.; Levi, C.; Kimber, T.; Schultz, D.; Fink, J.; Tress, B.; Donnan, G.; Davis, S.
2005Macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor c-fms is a novel target of imatinibDewar, A.; Cambareri, A.; Zannettino, A.; Boog, B.; Doherty, K.; Hughes, T.; Lyons, A.
2018Cyclic analogues of α-conotoxin Vc1.1 inhibit colonic nociceptors and provide analgesia in a mouse model of chronic abdominal painCastro, J.; Grundy, L.; Deiteren, A.; Harrington, A.; O'Donnell, T.; Maddern, J.; Moore, J.; Garcia-Caraballo, S.; Rychkov, G.; Yu, R.; Kaas, Q.; Craik, D.; Adams, D.; Brierley, S.
2019Peptidase inhibitor 16 identifies a human regulatory T-cell subset with reduced FOXP3 expression over the first year of recent onset type 1 diabetesHope, C.; Welch, J.; Mohandas, A.; Pederson, S.; Hill, D.; Gundsambuu, B.; Eastaff-Leung, N.; Grosse, R.; Bresatz, S.; Ang, G.; Papademetrios, M.; Zola, H.; Duhen, T.; Campbell, D.; Brown, C.; Krumbiegel, D.; Sadlon, T.; Couper, J.; Barry, S.
2013Glycemic index, glycemic load and endometrial cancer risk: results from the Australian National Endometrial Cancer study and an updated systematic review and meta-analysisNagle, C.; Olsen, C.; Ibiebele, T.; Spurdle, A.; Webb, P.; Australian National Endometrial Cancer Study Group; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group
1999Prolonged beneficial effects of a home-based intervention on unplanned readmissions and mortality among patients with congestive heart failureStewart, S.; Vandenbroek, A.; Pearson, S.; Horowitz, J.
2016n-3 fatty acid supplementation and leukocyte telomere length in patients with chronic kidney diseaseBarden, A.; O Callaghan, N.; Burke, V.; Mas, E.; Beilin, L.; Fenech, M.; Irish, A.; Watts, G.; Puddey, I.; Huang, R.; Mori, T.
1995Effect of age on bone density and bone turnover in menWishart, J.; Need, A.; Horowitz, M.; Morris, H.; Nordin, B.
1998Intestinal calcium absorption in men with spinal osteoporosisNeed, A.; Morris, H.; Horowitz, M.; Scopacasa, F.; Nordin, B.
2019Risk factors for and outcomes of delayed graft function in live donor kidney transplantation - a retrospective studyMogulla, M.; Bhattacharjya, S.; Clayton, P.