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2014Vitamin D levels in an Australian populationGill, T.; Hill, C.; Shanahan, E.; Taylor, A.; Appleton, S.; Grant, J.; Shi, Z.; Grande, E.; Price, K.; Adams, R.
2016Association of fat mass and adipokines with foot pain in a community cohortWalsh, T.; Gill, T.; Evans, A.; Yaxley, A.; Shanahan, E.; Hill, C.
2016The use of self-report questions to examine the prevalence of musculoskeletal problems: a test-retest studyGill, T.; Tucker, G.; Avery, J.; Shanahan, E.; Menz, H.; Taylor, A.; Adams, R.; Hill, C.
2010Prevalence and correlates of shoulder pain and stiffness in a population-based study: the North West Adelaide Health StudyHill, C.; Gill, T.; Shanahan, E.; Taylor, A.
2009Is diabetes associated with shoulder pain or stiffness? Results from a population based studyCole, A.; Gill, T.; Shanahan, E.; Phillips, P.; Taylor, A.; Hill, C.
2012Safety and acceptability of suprascapular nerve block in rheumatology patientsShanahan, E.; Shanahan, K.; Hill, C.; Ahern, M.; Smith, M.
2013Shoulder pain in the community: an examination of associative factors using a longitudinal cohort studyGill, T.; Shanahan, E.; Taylor, A.; Buchbinder, R.; Hill, C.
2013An examination of shoulder pain using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in older peopleGill, T.; Shanahan, E.; Allison, D.; Alcorn, D.; Hill, C.; Australian Rheumatology Association in conjunction with the Rheumatology Health Professionals Association 54th Annual Scientific Meeting (18 May 2013 - 22 May 2013 : Perth, Western Australia)
2014Prevalence of abnormalities on shoulder MRI in symptomatic and asymptomatic older adultsGill, T.; Shanahan, E.; Allison, D.; Alcorn, D.; Hill, C.
2010Does leisure time physical activity protect against shoulder pain at work?D'Onise, R.; Shanahan, E.; Gill, T.; Hill, C.