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2011GSTP1 DNA methylation and expression status is indicative of 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine efficacy in human prostate cancer cellsChiam, K.; Centenera, M.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.; Bianco-Miotto, T.
2009Androgen receptor inhibits estrogen receptor-alpha activity and is prognostic in breast cancerPeters, A.; Buchanan, G.; Ricciardelli, C.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; Centenera, M.; Harris, J.; Jindal, S.; Segara, D.; Jia, L.; Moore, N.; Henshall, S.; Birrell, S.; Coetzee, G.; Sutherland, R.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.
2009Insights from AR gene mutationsBuchanan, G.; Need, E.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; Greenberg, N.; Scher, H.; Centenera, M.; Butler, L.; Robins, D.; Tilley, W.
2012Dual roles of PARP-1 promote cancer growth and progressionSchiewer, M.; Goodwin, J.; Han, S.; Brenner, J.; Augello, M.; Dean, J.; Liu, F.; Planck, J.; Ravindranathan, P.; Chinnaiyan, A.; McCue, P.; Gomella, L.; Raj, G.; Dicker, A.; Brody, J.; Pascal, J.; Centenera, M.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.; Feng, F.; et al.
2013Ex vivo culture of human prostate tissue and drug developmentCentenera, M.; Raj, G.; Knudsen, K.; Tilley, W.; Butler, L.
2012Evidence for efficacy of new Hsp90 inhibitors revealed by ex vivo culture of human prostate tumorsCentenera, M.; Gillis, J.; Hanson, A.; Jindal, S.; Taylor, R.; Risbridger, G.; Sutherland, P.; Scher, H.; Raj, G.; Knudsen, K.; Yeadon, T.; Tilley, W.; Butler, L.
2008The Contribution of Different Androgen Receptor Domains to Receptor Dimerization and SignalingCentenera, M.; Harris, J.; Tilley, W.; Butler, L.
2013Targeting cell cycle and hormone receptor pathways in cancerComstock, C.; Augello, M.; Goodwin, J.; de Leeuw, R.; Schiewer, M.; Ostrander, W.; Burkhart, R.; McClendon, A.; McCue, P.; Trabulsi, E.; Lallas, C.; Gomella, L.; Centenera, M.; Brody, J.; Butler, L.; Tilley, W.; Knudsen, K.
2013Constitutively-active androgen receptor variants function independently of the HSP90 chaperone but do not confer resistance to HSP90 inhibitorsGillis, J.; Selth, L.; Centenera, M.; Townley, S.; Sun, S.; Plymate, S.; Tilley, W.; Butler, L.
2015Co-targeting AR and HSP90 suppresses prostate cancer cell growth and prevents resistance mechanismsCentenera, M.; Carter, S.; Gillis, J.; Marrocco-Tallarigo, D.; Grose, R.; Tilley, W.; Butler, L.