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2009A Novel Androgen Receptor Amino Terminal Region Reveals Two Classes of Amino/Carboxyl Interaction-Deficient Variants with Divergent Capacity to Activate Responsive Sites in ChromatinNeed, E.; Scher, H.; Peters, A.; Moore, N.; Cheong, A.; Ryan, C.; Wittert, G.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.; Buchanan, G.
2012Discovery of circulating microRNAs associated with human prostate cancer using a mouse model of diseaseSelth, L.; Townley, S.; Gillis, J.; Ochnik, A.; Murti, K.; Macfarlane, R.; Chi, K.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.; Butler, L.
2003Modulation of prostate cancer cell attachment to matrix by VersicanSakko, A.; Ricciardelli, C.; Mayne, K.; Suwiwat, S.; LeBaron, R.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.; Horsfall, D.
2008Elevated levels of HER-2/neu and androgen receptor in clinically localized prostate cancer identifies metastatic potentialRicciardelli, C.; Jackson, M.; Choong, C.; Stahl, J.; Marshall, V.; Horsfall, D.; Tilley, W.
2001Collocation of androgen receptor gene mutations in prostate cancerBuchanan, G.; Greenberg, N.; Scher, H.; Harris, J.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.
2007Control of androgen receptor signaling in prostate cancer by the cochaperone small glutamine-rich tetratricopeptide repeat containing protein αBuchanan, G.; Ricciardelli, C.; Harris, J.; Prescott, J.; Yu, Z.; Jia, L.; Butler, L.; Marshall, V.; Scher, H.; Gerald, W.; Coetzee, G.; Tilley, W.
2001Mutations at the boundary of the hinge and ligand binding domain of the androgen receptor confer increased transactivation functionBuchanan, G.; Yang, M.; Harris, J.; Nahm, H.; Han, G.; Moore, N.; Bentel, J.; Matusik, R.; Horsfall, D.; Marshall, V.; Greenberg, N.; Tilley, W.
1999Elevated levels of peritumoral chondroitin sulfate are predictive of poor prognosis in patients treated by radical prostatectomy for early-stage prostate cancerRicciardelli, C.; Quinn, D.; Raymond, W.; McCaul, K.; Sutherland, P.; Stricker, P.; Grygiel, J.; Sutherland, R.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.; Horsfall, D.
1989Steroid hormone and epidermal growth factor receptors in meningiomasHorsfall, D.; Goldsmith, K.; Ricciardelli, C.; Skinner, J.; Tilley, W.; Marshall, V.
1998Immunolocalization of apolipoprotein d, androgen receptor and prostate specific antigen in early stage prostate cancersZhang, S.; Bentel, J.; Ricciardelli, C.; Horsfall, D.; Haagensen, D.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.