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1999Elevated levels of peritumoral chondroitin sulfate are predictive of poor prognosis in patients treated by radical prostatectomy for early-stage prostate cancerRicciardelli, C.; Quinn, D.; Raymond, W.; McCaul, K.; Sutherland, P.; Stricker, P.; Grygiel, J.; Sutherland, R.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.; Horsfall, D.
1995Immunohistochemical localization of basic fibroblast growth factor in bovine ovarian folliclesvan Wezel, I.; Umapathysivam, K.; Tilley, W.; Rodgers, R.
1998Immunolocalization of apolipoprotein d, androgen receptor and prostate specific antigen in early stage prostate cancersZhang, S.; Bentel, J.; Ricciardelli, C.; Horsfall, D.; Haagensen, D.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.
1994Age-related changes in guinea pig prostatic stromaHorsfall, D.; Mayne, K.; Ricciardelli, C.; Mohan, R.; Skinner, J.; Henderson, D.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.
1997Elevated stromal chondroitin sulfate glycosaminoglycan predicts progression in early-stage prostate cancerRicciardelli, C.; Mayne, K.; Sykes, P.; Raymond, W.; McCaul, K.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.; Skinner, J.; Horsfall, D.
1994Effects of oestradiol 17-β and 5α-dihydrotestosterone on guinea-pig prostate smooth muscle cell proliferation and steroid receptor expressionRicciardelli, C.; Horsfall, D.; Sykes, P.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.
1994Glycosaminoglycans of guinea pig prostate fibromuscular stroma: influence of estrogen and androgen on levels and location of chondroitin sulfateHorsfall, D.; Mayne, K.; Skinner, J.; Saccone, G.; Marshall, V.; Tilley, W.
1992Regulation of androgen receptor gene expression by steroids and retinoic acid in human breast‐cancer cellsHall, R.; Tilley, W.; McPhaul, M.; Sutherland, R.
1994Detection of discrete androgen receptor epitopes in prostate cancer by immunostaining: measurement by color video image analysisTilley, W.; Lim-Tio, S.; Horsfall, D.; Aspinall, J.; Marshall, V.; Skinner, J.
1996Mutations in the androgen receptor gene are associated with progression of human prostate cancer to androgen independenceTilley, W.; Buchanan, G.; Hickey, T.; Bentel, J.