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1998Physiological effects of cisapride on gastric emptying after pylorus-preserving gastroectomy for early gastric cancerDent, J.; Horowitz, M.
1999Characterization of Small Intestinal Pressure Waves in Ambulant Subjects Recorded with a Novel Portable Manometric SystemSamsom, M.; Fraser, R.; Smout, A.; Verhagen, M.; Adachi, K.; Horowitz, M.; Dent, J.
1995Effect of atropine on the frequency of gastroesophageal reflux and transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxations in normal healthy human subjectsMittall, R.; Holloway, R.; Dent, J.
1996Hypregflycaemia affects proximal gastric motor and sensory function in normal subjectsHebbard, G.; Sun, W.M.; Dent, J.; Horowitz, M.
1996Diseases of the oesophagusDent, J.
1997Characterisation of relaxation of the lower oesophageal sphincter in healthy premature infantsOmari, T.; Miki, K.; Fraser, R.; Davidson, G.; Haslam, R.; Goldsworthy, W.; Bakewell, M.; Dent, J.
1997Vagal and sympathetic influences on the ferret lower oesophageal sphincterBlackshaw, L.; Haupt, J.; Omari, T.; Dent, J.
1997Lower oesophageal sphincter responses to noxious oesophageal chemical stimuli in the ferret: involvement of tachykinin receptorsBlackshaw, L.; Dent, J.
1998A comparison of micromanometric and standard manometric techniques for recording of oesophageal motilityChen, W.; Omari, T.; Holloway, R.; Checklin, H.; Dent, J.
1995Effect of cisapride on myoelectrical and motor responses of the antropyloroduodenal region during intraduodenal lipid and antral tachygastria in the conscious dogEdelbroek, M.; Schuurkes, J.; de Ridder, W.; Horowitz, M.; Dent, J.; Akkermans, L.