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1999Caspases: the molecular effectors of apoptosisButt, A.; Kumar, S.
1999Mechanisms mediating caspase activation in cell deathKumar, S.
1999DRONC, an ecdysone-inducible Drosophila caspaseDorstyn, L.; Colussi, P.; Quinn, L.; Richardson, H.; Kumar, S.
1995Apoptosis regulatory gene NEDD2 maps to human chromosome segment 7934-35, a region frequently affected in haematological neoplasmsKumar, S.; White, D.; Takai, S.; Turczynowicz, S.; Juttner, C.; Hughes, T.
1998Dimerization and auto processing of the Nedd2 (caspase 2) precursor requires both the prodomain and the carboxyl-terminal regionsButt, A.; Harvey, N.; Parasivam, G.; Kumar, S.
1996Interleukin-1β-converting enzyme-like protease cleaves DNA-dependent protein kinase in cytotoxic T cell killingSong, Q.; Burrows, S.; Smith, G.; Lees-Miller, S.; Kumar, S.; Chan, D.; Trapani, J.; Alnemri, E.; Litwack, G.; Lu, H.; Moss, D.; Jackson, S.; Lavin, M.
1997The apoptosis-inducing granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) analog E21R functions through specific regions of the heterodimeric GM-CSF receptor, and requires interleukin-1 beta converting enzyme-like proteases.Iversen, P.; Hercus, T.; Zacharakis, B.; Woodcock, J.; Stomski, F.; Kumar, S.; Nelson, B.; Miyajima, A.; Lopez, A.
1996Heteronuclear ribonucleoproteins C1 ad C2, components of the spliceosome, are specific targets of interleukin 1β-converting enzyme-like proteases in apoptosisWaterhouse, N.; Kumar, S.; Song, Q.; Strike, P.; Sparrow, L.; Dreyfuss, G.; Alnemri, E.; Litwack, G.; Lavin, M.; Watters, D.
1999All three WW domains of murine Nedd4 are involved in the regulation of epithelial sodium channels by intracellular Na⁺Harvey, K.; Dinudom, A.; Komwatanat, P.; Jolliffe, C.; Day, M.; Parasivam, G.; Cook, D.; Kumar, S.
1998Conversion of procaspase-3 to an autoactivating caspase by fusion to the caspase-2 predomainColussi, P.; Harvey, N.; Shearwin-Whyatt, L.; Kumar, S.