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1997Inhibition of GM-CSF prevents dissemination and induces remission of human juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia in engrafted immunodeficient mice.Iversen, P.; Lewis, I.; Turczynowicz, S.; Hasle, H.; Niemeyer, C.; Schmiegelow, K.; Bastiras, S.; Biondi, A.; Hughes, T.; Lopez, A.
1997Induction of caspase-3 protease activity and apoptosis by butyrate and trichostatin a (inhibitors of histone deacetylase): dependence on protein synthesis and synergy with a mitochondrial/cytochrome c-dependent pathway.Medina, V.; Edmonds, B.; Young, G.; James, R.; Appleton, S.; Zalewski, P.
1997Changes in blood glucose within the physiological range affect gastric emptying in normal subjects and patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitusSchvarcz, E.; Palmer, M.; Aman, J.; Horowitz, M.; Stridsberg, M.; Berne, C.
1997Asthma prevalence, morbidity and management practices in South Australia, 1992-1995.Adams, R.; Ruffin, R.; Wakefield, M.; Campbell, D.; Smith, B.
1997The value of the lipid-laden macrophage index in the assessment of aspiration pneumoniaAdams, R.; Ruffin, R.; Campbell, D.
1997Homeosis and intestinal tumours in Cdx2 mutant mice.Chawengsaksophak, K.; James, Ross Alexander; Hammond, V. E.; Kontgen, Frank; Beck, F.
1997Improved quality of life with megasterol acetate in patients with endocrine-insensitive advanced cancer.Beller, E.; Tattersall, M.; Lumley, T.; Levi, J. A.; Dalley, D.; Olver, Ian N.; Page, J.; Abdi, E.; Wynne, C.; Friedlander, Michael; Boadle, D.; Wheeler, H.; Magrie, S.; Simes, R. J.
1997Cross-reactivity to porcine factor VIII of factor VIII inhibitors in patients with haemophilia in Australia and New ZealandLloyd, J. V.; Street, A. M.; Berry, E.; McPherson, J.; Ekert, H.; Lammi, A.; McWhirter, W. R.; Duncan, Elizabeth M.; Maxwell, E. L.; Rowell, J.; Baker, R. I.; Leahy, Michael F.; Jupe, D.
1997Phase I dose intensification study of 2-weekly epirubicin with GM-CSF in advanced cancerMichael, M.; Toner, G. C.; Olver, Ian N.; Fennesy, A.; Bishop, James F.
1997Phase I study of paclitaxel and oral etoposide in previously untreated non-small cell and extensive small cell lung cancer.Boyer, M.; Zalcberg, John R.; Olver, Ian N.; Millward, Michael J.; Richardson, Gary; McKeage, M.