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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Evaluation of bacteriological transport swabsBarber, S.; Lawson, P. J.; Grove, D. I.
1998Nurse led, multidisciplinary intervention in chronic heart failureMcMurray, John J.; Stewart, Simon A.
1998Effect of hypercortisolism and ACTH on the metabolism of cortisolPhillipov, George
1998Human lung mast cells are enriched in the capacity to produce granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor in response to lgE-dependent stimulationOkayama, Yoshimichi; Kobayashi, Hiroyuki; Ashman, Leonie Kay; Dobashi, Kunio; Nakazawa, Tsugio; Holgate, Stephan T.; Church, Martin K.; Mori, Masatomo
1998Regulation of endothelial cell motility by complexes of tetraspan molecules CD81/TAPA-1 and CD151/PETA-3 with a3B1 integrin localised at endothelial lateral junctionsYanez-Mo, M.; Alfranca, A.; Cabanas, C.; Marazuela, M.; Tejedor, R.; Ursa, M. A.; Ashman, Leonie Kay; de Landazun, M. O.; Sanchez-Madrid, F.
1998Early events in angiogenesis; cloning an alpha-prolyl 4-hydroxylase-like geneCockerill, G. W.; Varcoe, L.; Meyer, Geoffrey T.; Vadas, Mathew Alexander; Gamble, Jennifer R.
1998A diet containing chickpeas and wheat offers less protevction against colon tumours than a casein wheat diet in dimethylhydrazine ratsMcIntosh, Graeme H.; Wang, Y. H.A.; Royle, Peter J.
1998Mechanisms of drug-induced diarrhoea in the elderlyRatnaike, Ranjit Nihal; Jones, Terry E.
1998Cholesteryl ester transfer in hypercholesterolaemia; fasting and postprandial studies with and without pravastatinContacus, C.; Barter, Philip John; Vrga, L.; Sullivan, David R.
1998Precision of bone density measurementPhillipov, George; Phillips, Patrick