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1999Isoforms of c-Kit differ in activation of signalling pathways and transformation of NIH3T3 fibroblastsCaruana, G.; Cambareri, A. C.; Ashman, Leonie Kay
1999β1 integrin activation inhibits in vitro tube formation: effects on cell migration, vacuole coalescence and lumen formationGamble, Jennifer R.; Meyer, Geoffrey T.; Noack, Leanne; Furze, Jill; Matthias, Lisa J.; Kovach, Nickolas; Harlan, John; Vadas, Mathew Alexander
1999High Density Lipoproteins: The Anti-atherogenic FractionBarter, Philip John; Clay, M. A.; Rye, Kerry-Anne
1999Overview of Plasma Lipid TransportRye, Kerry-Anne; Clay, M. A.; Barter, Philip John
1999Lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferaseBarter, Philip John; Rye, Kerry-Anne
1999Formation of apolipoprotein-specific high-density lipoprotein particles from lipid-free apolipoproteins A-I and A-IIClay, M. A.; Cehic, D. A.; Pyle, D. H.; Rye, Kerry-Anne; Barter, Philip John
1999Effects of mutant c-kit in early myeloid cellsAshman, Leonie Kay; Ferrao, Petranel; Cole, Stephen R.; Cambareri, Antony C.
1999A probiotic strain of L. acidophilus reduces DMH-induced large intestinal tumors in male Sprague-Dawley ratesMcIntosh, Graeme H.; Royle, Peter J.; Playne, Martin J.
1999Evaluation of gastric emptying and motility in diabetic gastroparesis with magnetic resonance imaging: effects of cisaprideBorovicka, Jirl; Lehmann, R.; Kunz, P.; Fraser, Robert; Kreiss, C.; Crelier, G.; Boesiger, Peter; Spinas, G. A.; Fried, Michael; Schwizer, W.
1999Conflict of interests and advisory committeesTattersall, M. H. N.; Olver, Ian N.