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2009Autophagy, not apoptosis, is essential for midgut cell death in DrosophilaDenton, D.; Shravage, B.; Simin, R.; Mills, K.; Berry, D.; Baehrecke, E.; Kumar, S.
2002A novel Apaf-1-independent putative caspase-2 activation complexRead, S.; Baliga, B.; Ekert, P.; Vaux, D.; Kumar, S.
2002Caspase-2 is not required for thymocyte or neuronal apoptosis even though cleavage of caspase-2 is dependent on both Apaf-1 and caspase-9O'Reilly, L.; Ekert, P.; Harvey, N.; Marsden, V.; Cullen, L.; Vaux, D.; Hacker, G.; Magnusson, C.; Pakusch, M.; Cecconi, F.; Kuida, K.; Strasser, A.; Huang, D.; Kumar, S.
2008Nedd4 controls animal growth by regulating IGF-1 signalingCao, X.; Lill, N.; Boase, N.; Shi, P.; Croucher, D.; Shan, H.; Qu, J.; Sweezer, E.; Place, T.; Kirby, P.; Daly, R.; Kumar, S.; Yang, B.
2008Capase-2 is required for cell death induced by cytoskeletal disruptionHo, L.; Read, S.; Dorstyn, L.; Lambrusco, L.; Kumar, S.
2001The Nedd4-like protein KIAA0439 is a potential regulator of the epithelial sodium channelHarvey, K.; Dinudom, A.; Cook, D.; Kumar, S.
2004The biochemical mechanism of caspase-2 activationBaliga, B.; Read, S.; Kumar, S.
2007Caspase function in programmed cell deathKumar, S.
2003Apaf-1/cytochrome c apoptosome: an essential initiator of caspase activation or just a sideshow?Baliga, B.; Kumar, S.
2004Apaf-1 and caspase-9 accelerate apoptosis, but do not determine whether factor-deprived or drug-treated cells dieEkert, P.; Read, S.; Silke, J.; Marsden, V.; Kaufmann, H.; Hawkins, C.; Gerl, R.; Kumar, S.; Vaux, D.