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2002The burden of asthma in the United States - level and distribution are dependent on interpretation of the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelinesFuhlbrigge, A.; Adams, R.; Guilbert, T.; Grant, E.; Lozano, P.; Janson, S.; Martinez, F.; Weiss, K.; Weiss, S.
2002Effects of energy-restricted diets containing increased protein on weight loss, resting energy expenditure, and the thermic effect of feeding of type 2 diabetesLuscombe-Marsh, N.; Clifton, P.; Noakes, M.; Parker, B.; Wittert, G.
2002Multi-centre assessment of the Spiegelberg compliance monitor: interim resultsYau, Yun-Hom; Piper, Ian R.; Contant, C.; Citerio, G.; Kiening, K.; Enblad, P.; Nilsson, P.; Ng, S.; Wasserberg, J.; Kiefer, M.; Poon, Winnie; Dunn, L.; Whittle, I.
2002Clinical experience in the use of the Spiegelberg automated compliance device in the assessment of patients with hydrocephalusYau, Yun-Hom; Piper, Ian R.; Contant, C.; Dunn, L.; Whittle, I.
2002An experimental evaluation of a new intraparenchymal continuous compliance probe: preliminary studiesYau, Yun-Hom; Piper, Ian R.; Clutton, R. E.; Whittle, I.
2002Regulation of stromal versican expression by breast cancer cells and importance to relapse-free survival in patients with node-negative primary breast cancerRicciardelli, C.; Brooks, J.; Suwiwat, S.; Sakko, A.; Mayne, K.; Raymond, W.; Seshadri, R.; LeBaron, R.; Horsfall, D.
2002Extracorporeal shock-wave therapy for tendonitis of the rotator cuffSpeed, C.; Richards, C.; Nichols, D.; Burnet, S.; Wies, J.; Humphreys, H.; Hazleman, B.
2002A potential autocrine role for vascular endothelial growth factor in prostate cancerJackson, M.; Roberts, J.; Heckford, S.; Ricciardelli, C.; Stahl, J.; Horsfall, D.; Tilley, W.
2002Effect of interleukin-11 on ameliorating intestinal damage after methotrexate treatment of breast cancer in ratsGibson, R.; Keefe, D.; Thompson, F.; Clarke, J.; Goland, G.; Cummins, A.
2002Epidural block and outcome after major surgeryMyles, Paul S.; Power, Ian; Jamrozik, Konrad