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2004Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors as adjunctive therapy in patients with persistent atrial fibrillationZaman, A.; Kearney, M.; Schecter, C.; Worthley, C.; Nolan, J.
2004Coronary flow velocity reserve does not correlate with TIMI frame count in patients undergoing non-emergency percutaneous coronary interventionChugh, S.; Koppel, J.; Scott, M.; Shewchuk, L.; Goodhart, D.; Bonan, R.; Tardif, J.C.; Worthley, S.; DiMario, C.; Curtis, M.; Meredith, I.; Anderson, T.
2004Phase II study of capecitabine and mitomycin C as first-line treatment in patients with advanced colorectal cancerRao, S.; Cunningham, D.; Price, T.; Hill, M.; Ross, P.; Tebbutt, N.; Norman, A.; Oates, J.; Shellito, P.
2004Determinants of health-related quality of life in patients with chronic liver diseasesHauser, W.; Holtmann, G.; Grandt, D.
2004Tissue plasminogen activator-7351C/T enhancer polymorphism is a risk factor for lacunar strokeJannes, J.; Hamilton-Bruce, M.; Pilotto, L.; Smith, B.; Mullighan, C.; Bardy, P.; Koblar, S.
2004Psychological factors and asthma quality of life: a population based studyAdams, R.; Wilson, D.; Taylor, A.; Daly, A.; d'Espaignet, E.; DalGrande, E.; Ruffin, R.
2004Ghrelin and measures of satiety are altered in polycystic ovary syndrome but not differentially affected by diet compositionMoran, L.; Noakes, M.; Clifton, P.; Wittert, G.; Tomlinson, L.; Galletly, C.; Luscombe-Marsh, N.; Norman, R.
2004Blood pressure responses in healthy older people to 50 g carbohydrate drinks with differing glycaemic effectsVisvanathan, R.; Chen, R.; Horowitz, M.; Chapman, I.
2004R3-Survey of traumatic brain injury management in European Brain IT centres year 2001Enblad, P.; Nilsson, P.; Chambers, I.; Citerio, G.; Fiddes, H.; Howells, T.; Kiening, K.; Ragauskas, A.; Sahuquillo, J.; Yau, Y.H.; Contant, C.; Piper, I.
2004Vascular access results from the dialysis outcomes and practice patterns study (DOPPS): performance against kidney disease otucomes quality initiative (K/DOQI) clinical practiceRayner, Hugh C.; Besarab, Anatole; Brown, Wendy W.; Disney, Alexander Patrick Suffe; Saito, Akira; Pisoni, Ronald L.