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2009Whole body heat exposure induces apoptosis in mouse caudal epididymal spermatozoaWechalekar, H.; Setchell, B.; Breed; Ricci, M.; Leigh, C.; Peirce; 40th Annual Conference of the Society for Reproductive Biology (SRB) (Adelaide, S.A.)
2009Endogenous plasma carnitine pool composition and response to erythropoietin treatment in chronic haemodialysis patientsReuter, S.; Faull, R.; Ranieri, E.; Evans, A.
2009Mitral paravalvular abscess with left ventriculo-atrial fistula in a patient on dialysisKitamura, T.; Edwards, J.; Khurana, S.; Stuklis, R.G.
2009Infection outcomes in splenectomized patients with hemoglobinopathies in AustraliaYapp, Alvin Rudolf Kong Nam; Lindeman, Robert; Gilroy, N.; Gao, Zhigang; MacIntyre, C. Raina
2009Neutralizing monoclonal antibodies to different clades of Influenza A H5N1 virusesOh, S.; Selleck, P.; Temperton, N.; Chan, P.; Capecchi, B.; Manavis, J.; Higgins, G.; Burrell, C.; Kok, T.
2009Corynebacterium peritonitis in Australian peritoneal dialysis patients: predictors, treatment and outcomes in 82 casesBarraclough, K.; Hawley, C.; McDonald, S.; Brown, F.; Rosman, J.; Wiggins, K.; Bannister, K.; Johnson, D.; Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (07 Sep 2009 - 09 Sep 2009 : Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
2009Dietary fats and inflammation: The medicinal use of fish oilCleland, L.; James, M.; Proudman, S.
2009The proteoglycan versican: an important regulator of cell locomotion in development and diseaseRicciardelli, C.; Sakko, A.; Ween, M.; Russell, D.; Horsfall, D.
2009Auditory displays in anesthesiologySanderson, P.; Liu, D.; Jenkins, S.
2009Harmonization of molecular monitoring of CML therapy in EuropeMuller, M.; Cross, N.; Erben, P.; Schenk, T.; Hanfstein, B.; Ernst, T.; Hehlmann, R.; Branford, S.; Saglio, G.; Hochhaus, A.