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2005Platelet nitric oxide responsiveness - A novel prognostic marker in acute coronary syndromesWilloughby, S.; Stewart, S.; Holmes, A.; Chirkov, Y.; Horowitz, J.
2002Association of aortic stenosis with platelet hyperaggregability and impaired responsiveness to nitric oxideChirkov, Y.; Holmes, A.; Willoughby, S.; Stewart, S.; Horowitz, J.
2001Poles apart, but are they the same? A comparative study of Australian and Scottish patients with chronic heart failureStewart, S.; Blue, L.; Capewell, S.; Horowitz, J.; McMurray, J.
2007The deleterious effects of hyperglycemia on platelet function in diabetic patients with acute coronary syndromes - Mediation by superoxide production resolution with intensive insulin administrationWorthley, M.; Holmes, A.; Willoughby, S.; Kucia, A.; Heresztyn, T.; Stewart, S.; Chirkov, Y.; Zeitz, C.; Horowitz, J.
2001Stable angina and acute coronary syndromes are associated with nitric oxide resistance in plateletsChirkov, Y.; Holmes, A.; Willoughby, S.; Stewart, S.; Wuttke, R.; Sage, P.; Horowitz, J.
2002Beneficial clinical effects of perhexiline in patients with stable angina pectoris and acute coronary syndromes are associated with potentiation of platelet responsiveness to nitric oxideWilloughby, S.; Stewart, S.; Chirkov, Y.; Kennedy, J.; Holmes, A.; Horowitz, J.
2002Resolution of ST-segment elevation following intravenous administration of nitroglycerin and verapamilBeltrame, J.; Stewart, S.; Leslie, S.; Poropat, S.; Horowitz, J.
2002Detecting early clinical deterioration in chronic heart failure patients post-acute hospitalisation - a critical component of multidisciplinary, home-based intervention?Stewart, S.; Horowitz, J.
2003Specialist nurse management programmes - Economic benefits in the management of heart failureStewart, S.; Horowitz, J.
2002Home-based intervention in congestive heart failure: Long-term implications on readmission and survivalStewart, S.; Horowitz, J.