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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Metabolic modulation with perhexiline in chronic heart failure - a randomized, controlled trial of short-term use of a novel treatmentLee, L.; Campbell, R.; Scheuermann-Freestone, M.; Taylor, R.; Gunaruwan, P.; Williams, L.; Ashrafian, H.; Horowitz, J.; Fraser, A.; Clarke, K.; Frenneaux, M.
2005Lack of inotropic effect of nitric oxide on the rat myocardiumWorthley, M.; Horowitz, J.; Zeitz, C.
2005Aortic sclerosis: not an innocent murmur but a marker of increased cardiovascular riskNightingale, A.; Horowitz, J.
2005Platelet nitrate responsiveness in fasting and postprandial type 2 diabetesAnderson, R.; Ellis, G.; Evans, L.; Morris, K.; Chirkov, Y.; Horowitz, J.; Jackson, S.; Rees, A.; Lewis, M.; Frenneaux, M.
2005Once-monthly administration of darbepoetin alfa for the treatment of patients with chronic heart failure and anemia - A pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic investigationCleland, J.; Sullivan, J.; Ball, S.; Horowitz, J.; Agoram, B.; Rosser, D.; Yates, W.; Tin, L.; Fuentealba, P.; Burton, P.
2005Preservation of platelet responsiveness to nitroglycerine despite development of vascular nitrate toleranceHolmes, A.; Chirkov, Y.; Willoughby, S.; Poropat, S.; Pereira, J.; Horowitz, J.
2005Withdrawal of intravenous glyceryl trinitrate: absence of rebound phenomena with transition to oral isoborbide dinitrateLiberts, E.; Ahmed, R.; Horowitz, J.
2005Dissociation between metabolic and efficiency effects of perhexiline in normoxic rat myocardiumUnger, S.; Kennedy, J.; McFadden-Lewis, K.; Minerds, K.; Murphy, G.; Horowitz, J.
2005Angiotensin-(1-7) enhances anti-aggregatory effects of the nitric oxide donor sodium nitroprussideRajendran, S.; Chirkov, Y.; Campbell, D.; Horowitz, J.
2005Platelet nitric oxide responsiveness - A novel prognostic marker in acute coronary syndromesWilloughby, S.; Stewart, S.; Holmes, A.; Chirkov, Y.; Horowitz, J.