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2007A genetic association study of 5-HTT LPR and GN beta 3 C825T polymorphisms with irritable bowel syndromeSaito, Y.; Locke, G.; Zimmerman, J.; Holtmann, G.; Slusser, J.; De Andrade, M.; Petersen, G.; Talley, N.
2007Neuroendocrine and blood pressure responses to rectal distensions in individuals with high and low visceral pain sensitivityElsenbruch, S.; Haag, S.; Lucas, A.; Riemenschneider, N.; Pietsch, A.; Gerken, G.; Heijnen, C.; Schedlowski, M.; Holtmann, G.
2007Disturbed in vitro adrenergic modulation of cytokine production in inflammatory bowel diseases in remissionLucas, A.; Cobelens, P.; Kavelaars, A.; Heijnen, C.; Holtmann, G.; Haag, S.; Gerken, G.; Langhorst, J.; Dobos, G.; Schedlowski, M.; Elsenbruch, S.
2007Is there a benefit from intensified medical and psychological interventions in patients with functional dyspepsia not responding to conventional therapy?Haag, S.; Senf, W.; Tagay, S.; Langkafel, M.; Braun-Lang, U.; Pietsch, A.; Heuft, G.; Talley, N.; Holtmann, G.
2007Mechanisms of Disease: genetics of functional gastrointestinal disorders - searching the genes that matterAdam, B.; Liebregts, T.; Holtmann, G.
2007Psychological stress and the severity of post-inflammatory visceral hyperalgesiaLiebregts, T.; Adam, B.; Bertel, A.; Lackner, C.; Neumann, J.; Talley, N.; Gerken, G.; Holtmann, G.
2007Increased visceral sensitivity to capsaicin after DSS-induced colitis in mice: spinal cord c-Fos expression and behaviorEijkelkamp, N.; Kavelaars, A.; Elsenbruch, S.; Schedlowski, M.; Holtmann, G.; Heijnen, C.
2007GERD evaluation: Time for a new paradigm?Modlin, I.; Malfertheiner, P.; Hunt, R.; Armstrong, D.; Holtmann, G.; Quigley, E.; Spechler, S.
2007Ablation of connexin43 in smooth muscle cells of the mouse intestine: functional insights into physiology and morphologyDoring, B.; Pfitzer, G.; Adam, B.; Liebregts, T.; Eckardt, D.; Holtmann, G.; Hoffman, F.; Feil, S.; Feil, R.; Willecke, K.
2007Effects of Iberogast (R) on proximal gastric volume, antropyloroduodenal motility and gastric emptying in healthy menPilichiewicz, A.; Horowitz, M.; Russo, A.; Maddox, A.; Jones, K.; Schemann, M.; Holtmann, G.; Feinle-Bisset, C.