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2015Inflammatory bowel disease-specific pregnancy knowledge of gastroenterologists against general practitioners and obstetriciansKashkooli, S.; Andrews, J.; Roberts, M.; Selinger, C.; Leong, R.
2015Smoking prevalence and its influence on disease course and surgery in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitisLunney, P.; Kariyawasam, V.; Wang, R.; Middleton, K.; Huang, T.; Selinger, C.; Andrews, J.; Katelaris, P.; Leong, R.
2015An aggravated trajectory of depression and anxiety co-morbid with hepatitis C: a within-groups study of 61 Australian outpatientsStewart, B.; Turnbull, D.; Mikocka-Walus, A.; Harley, H.; Andrews, J.
2015Low muscle mass and sarcopenia: common and predictive of osteopenia in inflammatory bowel diseaseBryant, R.; Ooi, S.; Schultz, C.; Goess, C.; Grafton, R.; Hughes, J.; Lim, A.; Bartholomeusz, F.; Andrews, J.
2015Dose tailoring of anti-tumour necrosis factor-alpha therapy delivers useful clinical efficacy in Crohn disease patients experiencing loss of responseGhaly, S.; Costello, S.; Beswick, L.; Pudipeddi, A.; Agarwal, A.; Sechi, A.; Antoniades, S.; Headon, B.; Connor, S.; Lawrance, I.; Sparrow, M.; Walsh, A.; Andrews, J.
2015Non-physician endoscopists: a systematic reviewStephens, M.; Hourigan, L.; Appleyard, M.; Ostapowicz, G.; Schoeman, M.; Desmond, P.; Andrews, J.; Bourke, M.; Hewitt, D.; Margolin, D.; Holtmann, G.
2015Near-Infrared spectroscopy enhances intravascular ultrasound assessment of vulnerable coronary plaque: a combined pathological and in vivo studyPuri, R.; Madder, R.; Madden, S.; Sum, S.; Wolski, K.; Muller, J.; Andrews, J.; King, K.; Kataoka, Y.; Uno, K.; Kapadia, S.; Murat Tuzcu, E.; Nissen, S.; Virmani, R.; Maehara, A.; Mintz, G.; Nicholls, S.
2015Coronary atheroma composition and its association with segmental endothelial dysfunction in non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction: novel insights with radiofrequency (iMAP) intravascular ultrasonographyPuri, R.; Nicholls, S.; Brennan, D.; Andrews, J.; Liew, G.; Carbone, A.; Copus, B.; Nelson, A.; Kapadia, S.; Tuzcu, E.; Beltrame, J.; Worthley, S.; Worthley, M.
2015Measurement of fecal calprotectin improves monitoring and detection of recurrence of Crohn's disease after surgeryWright, E.; Kamm, M.; De Cruz, P.; Hamilton, A.; Ritchie, K.; Krejany, E.; Leach, S.; Gorelik, A.; Liew, D.; Prideaux, L.; Lawrance, I.; Andrews, J.; Bampton, P.; Jakobovits, S.; Florin, T.; Gibson, P.; Debinski, H.; Macrae, F.; Samuel, D.; Kronborg, I.; et al.
2015Doctor communication quality and friends' attitudes influence complementary medicine use in inflammatory bowel diseaseMountifield, R.; Andrews, J.; Mikocka-Walus, A.; Bampton, P.