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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Aspirin, ibuprofen, and the risk of colorectal cancer in Lynch SyndromeAit Ouakrim, D.; Dashti, S.; Chau, R.; Buchanan, D.; Clendenning, M.; Rosty, C.; Winship, I.; Young, J.; Giles, G.; Leggett, B.; Macrae, F.; Ahnen, D.; Casey, G.; Gallinger, S.; Haile, R.; Le Marchand, L.; Thibodeau, S.; Lindor, N.; Newcomb, P.; Potter, J.; et al.
2015The metabolic syndrome and cancer: is the metabolic syndrome useful for predicting cancer risk above and beyond its individual components?Harding, J.; Sooriyakumaran, M.; Anstey, K.; Adams, R.; Balkau, B.; Briffa, T.; Davis, T.; Davis, W.; Dobson, A.; Giles, G.; Grant, J.; Knuiman, M.; Luszcz, M.; Mitchell, P.; Pasco, J.; Reid, C.; Simmons, D.; Simons, L.; Tonkin, A.; Woodward, M.; et al.
2015Comparison of anthropometric measures as predictors of cancer incidence: a pooled collaborative analysis of 11 Australian cohortsHarding, J.L.; Shaw, J.E.; Anstey, K.J.; Adams, R.; Balkau, B.; Brennan-Olsen, S.L.; Briffa, T.; Davis, T.M.; Davis, W.A.; Dobson, A.; Flicker, L.; Giles, G.; Grant, J.; Huxley, R.; Knuiman, M.; Luszcz, M.; MacInnis, R.J.; Mitchell, P.; Pasco, J.A.; Reid, C.; et al.
2015Role of tumour molecular and pathology features to estimate colorectal cancer risk for first-degree relativesWin, A.; Buchanan, D.; Rosty, C.; MacInnis, R.; Dowty, J.; Dite, G.; Giles, G.; Southey, M.; Young, J.; Clendenning, M.; Walsh, M.; Walters, R.; Boussioutas, A.; Smyrk, T.; Thibodeau, S.; Baron, J.; Potter, J.; Newcomb, P.; Le Marchand, L.; Haile, R.; et al.
2015Risk analysis of prostate cancer in practical, a multinational consortium, using 25 known prostate cancer susceptibility lociAl Olama, A.; Benlloch, S.; Antoniou, A.; Giles, G.; Severi, G.; Neal, D.; Hamdy, F.; Donovan, J.; Muir, K.; Schleutker, J.; Henderson, B.; Haiman, C.; Schumacher, F.; Pashayan, N.; Pharoah, P.; Ostrander, E.; Stanford, J.; Batra, J.; Clements, J.; Chambers, S.; et al.
2015A large-scale analysis of genetic variants within putative miRNA binding sites in prostate cancerStegeman, S.; Amankwah, E.; Klein, K.; O Mara, T.; Kim, D.; Lin, H.; Permuth-Wey, J.; Sellers, T.; Srinivasan, S.; Eeles, R.; Easton, D.; Kote-Jarai, Z.; Al Olama, A.; Benlloch, S.; Muir, K.; Giles, G.; Wiklund, F.; Gronberg, H.; Haiman, C.; Schleutker, J.; et al.