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2013Cognitive impairment before and six months after cardiac surgery increase mortality risk at median 11 year follow-up: a cohort studyTully, P.; Baune, B.; Baker, R.
2013Short- and long-term relationships between neurocognitive performance and general function in bipolar disorderBaune, B.; Li, X.; Beblo, T.
2012The association between systemic inflammation and cognitive performance in the elderly: the Sydney Memory and Ageing StudyTrollor, J.; Smith, E.; Agars, E.; Kuan, S.; Baune, B.; Campbell, L.; Samaras, K.; Crawford, J.; Lux, O.; Kochan, N.; Brodaty, H.; Sachdev, P.
2011The hidden-Markov brain: comparison and inference of white matter hyperintensities on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)Pham, T.; Salvetti, F.; Wang, B.; Diani, M.; Heindel, W.; Knecht, S.; Wersching, H.; Baune, B.; Berger, K.
2013Dopamine D₃ receptor gene variation: impact on electroconvulsive therapy response and ventral striatum responsiveness in depressionDannlowski, U.; Domschke, K.; Birosova, E.; Lawford, B.; Young, R.; Voisey, J.; Morris, P.; Suslow, T.; Konrad, C.; Kugel, H.; Ohrmann, P.; Bauer, J.; Schoning, S.; Zavorotnyy, M.; Diemer, J.; Arolt, V.; Baune, B.; Zwanzger, P.
2011Increasing prevalence of motor impairments in pre-school children from 1997-2009: results of the Bavarian pre-school morbidity studyCaniato, R.; Stich, H.; Baune, B.
2014The impact of glucose disorders on cognition and brain volumes in the elderly: The Sydney Memory and Ageing StudySamaras, K.; Lutgers, H.; Kochan, N.; Crawford, J.; Campbell, L.; Wen, W.; Slavin, M.; Baune, B.; Lipnicki, D.; Brodaty, H.; Trollor, J.; Sachdev, P.
2011Effect of resistance training during hemodialysis on circulating cytokines: a randomized controlled trialCheema, B.; Abas, H.; Smith, B.; O'Sullivan, A.; Chan, M.; Patwardhan, A.; Kelly, J.; Gillin, A.; Pang, G.; Lloyd, B.; Berger, K.; Baune, B.; Fiatarone-Singh, M.
2005Prevalence and risk factors of syphilis infection among drug addictsScherbaum, N.; Baune, B.; Mikolajczyk, R.; Kuhlmann, T.; Reymann, G.; Reker, M.
2006Associations between preschool attendance and developmental impairments in pre-school children in a six-year retrospective surveyStich, H.; Baune, B.; Caniato, R.; Kraemer, A.