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1995Initial responses of first year medical students to problem based learning in a behavioural science course: Role of language background and course content.O'Hanlon, A.; Winefield, H.; Hejka, E.; Chur-Hansen, A.
2000The evaluation of undergraduate students' written English language skillsChur-Hansen, A.; Vernon-Roberts, J.
2008Emotional responses to food in adults with an eating disorder: A qualitative explorationMcNamara, C.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Hay, P.
2011Should nursing-related work experience be a prerequisite for acceptance into a nursing programme?: A study of students' reasons for withdrawing from undergraduate nursing at an Australian universityWilson, A.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Marshall, A.; Air, T.
2016'We don’t have to go and see a special person to solve this problem': trauma, mental health beliefs and processes for addressing 'mental health issues' among Sudanese refugees in AustraliaSavic, M.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Mahmood, A.; Moore, V.
2015Higher degree by research in a foreign country: a thematic analysis of the experiences of international students and academic supervisorsDue, C.; Zambrano, S.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Turnbull, D.; Niess, C.
2013How do surgeons experience and cope with the death and dying of their patients? A qualitative study in the context of life-limiting illnessesZambrano Ramos, S.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Crawford, G.
2007A passionate love: The contributions of the late Professor Robert John BarrettChur-Hansen, A.
2017Attachment, mothering and mental illness: mother-infant therapy in an institutional contextHemer, S.; Masciantonio, S.; Chur-Hansen, A.
1998Clinical Teachers' Perceptions of Medical Students' English Language ProficiencyChur-Hansen, A.; Vernon-Roberts, J.