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2013Disability after injury: the cumulative burden of physical and mental healthO'Donnell, M.; Varker, T.; Holmes, A.; Ellen, S.; Wade, D.; Creamer, M.; Silove, D.; McFarlane, A.; Bryant, R.; Forbes, D.
2008Traumatic memories: bridging the gap between functional neuroimaging and psychotherapyPeres, J.; McFarlane, A.; Nasello, A.; Moores, K.
2004The contribution of epidemiology to the study of traumatic stressMcFarlane, A.
2003Posttraumatic stress disorder: the intersection of epidemiology and individual psychobiological adaptationMcFarlane, A.
2001The effect of PTSD on interpersonal relationships: issues for emergency service workersMcFarlane, A.; Bookless, C.
2010Switching between executive and default mode networks in posttraumatic stress disorder: alterations in functional connectivityDaniels, J.; McFarlane, A.; Bluhm, R.; Moores, K.; Clark, C.; Shaw, M.; Williamson, P.; Densmore, M.; Lanius, R.
2009Functional connectivity reveals inefficient working memory systems in post-traumatic stress disorderShaw, M.; Moores, K.; Clark, C.; McFarlane, A.; Strother, S.; Bryant, R.; Brown, G.; Taylor, J.
2010Temporal relationships between Gulf War deployment and subsequent psychological disorders in Royal Australian Navy Gulf War veteransMcKenzie, D.; Creamer, M.; Kelsall, H.; Forbes, A.; Ikin, J.; Sim, M.; McFarlane, A.
2007Challenges for disaster research: Recommendations for planning and implementing disaster mental health studiesBenight, C.; McFarlane, A.
2012Health surveillance of deployed military personnel occasionally leads to unexpected findingsMcFarlane, A.