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Psychiatry publications
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2010The role of the inflammatory markers ferritin, transferrin and fibrinogen in the relationship between major depression and cardiovascular disorders - The German Health Interview and Examination SurveyBaune, B.; Neuhauser, H.; Ellert, U.; Berger, K.
2009Working-Memory fMRI Reveals Cingulate Hyperactivation in Euthymic Major DepressionSchoning, S.; Zwitserlood, P.; Engelien, A.; Behnken, A.; Kugel, H.; Schiffbaue, H.; Lipina, K.; Kersting, A.; Dannlowski, U.; Baune, B.; Zwanzger, P.; Reker, T.; Heindel, W.; Arolt, V.; Konrad, C.
2006An interdisciplinary course for trainee psychiatrists: feedback and implicationsChur-Hansen, A.; Koopowitz, L.; Jureidini, J.; Abhard, S.; McLean, S.
2002Introducing psychosocial and psychiatric concepts to first year medical students using an integrated, biopsychosocial frameworkChur-Hansen, A.; Koopowitz, L.
2018Exercise related anxiety-like behaviours are mediated by TNF receptor signaling, but not depression-like behavioursMorgan, J.; Singhal, G.; Corrigan, F.; Jaehne, E.; Jawahar, M.; Baune, B.
2018Low-frequency and rare variants may contribute to elucidate the genetics of major depressive disorderYu, C.; Arcos-Burgos, M.; Baune, B.; Arolt, V.; Dannlowski, U.; Wong, M.; Licinio, J.
2005Prevalence and characteristics of men with eating disorders in primary care: how do they compare to women and what features may aid in identification?Hay, P.; Loukas, A.; Philpott, H.
2008Behavioural analysis of congenic mouse strains confirms stress-responsive loci on chromosomes 1 and 12Jawahar, M.; Brodnicki, T.; Quirk, F.; Wilson, Y.; Murphy, M.
2011Audiogenic seizure proneness requires the contribution of two susceptibility loci in miceJawahar, M.; Sari, C.; Wilson, Y.; Lawrence, A.; Brodnicki, T.; Murphy, M.