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2018Does childhood trauma moderate polygenic risk for depression? A meta-analysis of 5765 subjects from the Psychiatric Genomics ConsortiumPeyrot, W.; Van der Auwera, S.; Milaneschi, Y.; Dolan, C.; Madden, P.; Sullivan, P.; Strohmaier, J.; Ripke, S.; Rietschel, M.; Nivard, M.; Mullins, N.; Montgomery, G.; Henders, A.; Heat, A.; Fisher, H.; Dunn, E.; Byrne, E.; Air, T.; Baune, B.; Breen, G.; et al.
2016Inflammation impacts on social cognition in major depressive disorderBaune, B.; Air, T.; Jawahar, C.; 71st Annual Scientific Convention and Meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry (SOBP 2016) (12 May 2016 :
2011Muscle and adipose tissue biopsy in older adults with type 2 diabetesWang, Y.; Simar, D.; Anderberg, K.; Mavros, Y.; Kay, S.; Zhao, R.; Baune, B.; O'Sullivan, A.; Singh, N.; Fiatarone-Singh, M.
2013Youth consultation-liaison psychiatry: How can we improve outcomes for young people with chronic illness?Allison, S.; Baune, B.; Roeger, L.; Coppin, B.; Bastiampillai, T.; Reed, R.
2010Burnout, coping and job satisfaction in service staff treating opioid addicts-from Athens to ZurichReissner, V.; Baune, B.; Kokkevi, A.; Schifano, F.; Room, R.; Palm, J.; Stohler, R.; DiFuria, L.; Rehm, J.; Schwarzer, C.; Scherbaum, N.
2010Free fatty acid receptors: emerging targets for treatment of diabetes and its complicationsVangaveti, V.; Shashidhar, V.; Jarrod, G.; Baune, B.; Kennedy, R.
2005The influence of depressive mood on activities of daily living and health care utilization in the elderly - The MEMO Study on the KORA platform AugsburgBaune, B.; Berger, K.
2005Predictors of quality of life among hyptertensive patients with and without strokeBaune, B.; Aljeesh, Y.; Adrian, I.
2006Associations between preschool attendance and developmental impairments in pre-school children in a six-year retrospective surveyStich, H.; Baune, B.; Caniato, R.; Kraemer, A.
2005Impact of social factors on health status and help seeking behavior among migrants and GermansKeller, A.; Baune, B.